Man tries to open door of mid-flight passenger plane from LA, forces emergency landing – RT USA News – –

Man tries to open door of mid-flight passenger plane from LA, forces emergency landing – RT USA News – –

    Un vol de Delta Air Lines de Los Angeles à Atlanta a dû effectuer un atterrissage d'urgence après qu'un homme a apparemment tenté d'ouvrir la porte de l'avion en plein vol.  Les passagers ont partagé des images sinistres de l'agresseur se battant près de la porte.

</p><div><p>La tentative de détournement signalée a eu lieu vendredi soir.  Un avion Delta, apparemment un Airbus A321 – qui transporte environ 200 personnes – était quelque part au milieu de sa route lorsqu'un des passagers a fait une annonce par haut-parleur pour que tout le monde «<em>veuillez vous asseoir et préparez-vous à mettre un masque à oxygène</em>. " 

Then he ” tried to open the plane door“Other passengers on the flight said online.

In a video posted by an eyewitness, who said the man “ was trying to open the door to the outside, ”A scuffle near the cockpit can be seen. Cries of ” Help! “And” Keep it low!We can hear in the video, in which several men apparently try to restrain and force someone to the ground. The pilot had made an announcement asking strongmen to show up in an emergency, the passengers recalled.

According to one of the passengers, the alleged offender was a flight attendant on leave, who allegedly wore an orange vest during the incident. He would also have had a protective helmet on his head.

The plane was diverted to the nearest airport in Oklahoma City, where ” the man was handed over to the police, “And” a sweep of the planeWith sniffer dogs was conducted. After that, he traveled to Atlanta.

The incident comes just days after another Delta flight, also from Los Angeles, had to make an emergency landing after one of its passengers loaded the front of the plane and tried to break through the cockpit during the flight. Flight 386 to Nashville was diverted to Albuquerque after the man allegedly knocked on the cockpit door and shouted “”We have to land this planeHad been retained. He was subsequently charged with interference with flight crew members.

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