Man acquitted of sexually assaulting woman two days before marriage – .

Man acquitted of sexually assaulting woman two days before marriage – .

Two days before the wedding, the complainant, who was about five months pregnant at the time, alleges that during an argument they had she was repeatedly assaulted on the farm where they lived .

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A British Columbia man was acquitted of charges of assaulting and sexually assaulting his pregnant future wife two days before their wedding.

The couple, who are not identified by name in a court ruling in the case, met in 2004, married on January 18, 2008 and had two children together before separating in June 2009 .

Two days before the wedding, the complainant, then about five months pregnant, alleges that during an argument she was repeatedly assaulted on the farm where they lived.

The allegations include allegations that she was repeatedly pushed against the wall, pushed against a door frame, and that a bedroom window was slammed on her hand.

When she tried to run away from the farm, he chased her in a vehicle, grabbed her by the neck and arm, and threw her towards the car before getting her into the car. , she said.

The complainant claimed that the accused subsequently raped her, which made her fear internal damage and caused her to lose the baby.

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The accused denied all the allegations, saying he was brought up not to hit women. He also denied an allegation that he sexually assaulted her in January 2009, and said he only learned of the allegations in 2019 after they were reported to police.

The complainant left the relationship in June 2009, moved in with another woman, and married this woman in 2018. Initially she was primarily caring for children, but in 2015 the accused became the primary caregiver. care because the ex-wife was “self-medicating” with heroin.

The ruling notes that the two are in the middle of a family law proceeding involving the children and that the accused believes the civil case motivated his ex-wife to fabricate the criminal allegations.

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In his verdict, Provincial Court Judge Gregory Brown said the two sides generally gave credible and consistent accounts and were not seriously shaken on cross-examination.

He said there was photographic evidence requiring explanation from the complainant.

“Wedding photographs taken two days after the numerous alleged assaults show (the complainant) in a strapless wedding dress with no bruising on the wrists, arms or neck. Yet (the complainant) claims to have suffered a violent sexual assault resulting in numerous bruises, hair loss and difficulty walking.

The judge noted that the complainant testified that her makeup artist concealed all the bruises, which he said was plausible, but when juxtaposed with the photos and denials of the accused, leave her a reasonable doubt as to this. that happened.

“Looking at all of the allegations in 2008 and 2009 and my analysis above, I don’t know who to believe in this matter. Therefore, I have a reasonable doubt on all charges.

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