Major cruise line just cut vaccine requirements for Florida cruises, but there’s an expensive catch for unvaccinated travelers – .

Major cruise line just cut vaccine requirements for Florida cruises, but there’s an expensive catch for unvaccinated travelers – .

    L'annonce de Celebrity Cruises est la dernière mise à jour de la confrontation entre les compagnies de croisière et la Floride au sujet des passeports vaccinaux.
    <ul class="summary-list"><li>La marque Celebrity Cruises de Royal Caribbean a annulé son mandat de vaccin COVID-19 pour les croisières en Floride.</li>
  • Unvaccinated passengers will face restrictions on board, COVID-19 testing and higher reimbursable costs.
  • Cruise lines and Florida are at an impasse over vaccine passports.
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  • Royal Caribbean Group’s Celebrity Cruises has canceled its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for cruises departing from Florida ports, according to a June 17 update on the Celebrity website.

    The vaccine mandate reversal is the latest update in a heated battle between cruise lines and the state, which has banned vaccine passports. But there is a catch: Unvaccinated passengers – or those who do not wish to show proof of the vaccine – will face restrictions on board, additional COVID testing and, subsequently, additional fees, according to the report. cruise line.

    Compared to vaccinated passengers, that means $ 178 in COVID-19 testing, strict mask requirements, seat restrictions in areas like theaters and casinos, and the possibility of not being able to disembark depending on the restrictions. local.

    The announcement comes just weeks after Celebrity Cruises unveiled its resumption of sailing plans aboard the Celebrity Edge. The ship is scheduled to depart Fort Lauderdale, Florida this Saturday and will be the first commercial cruise from a U.S. port in more than a year.

    But when the shipping was first advertised as “fully vaccinated” in May, the DeSantis office called the cruise line’s vaccination mandate “discriminatory.”

    “Companies doing business in Florida, including Celebrity Cruises, should immediately stop imposing such discriminatory policies on individuals,” DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw told Insider in an email in May. “Allowing companies like Celebrity Cruises to require ‘vaccine passports’ from customers would be condoning discrimination from private companies, which is unacceptable in Florida.” “

    However, the cruise line “strongly recommends” that its eligible guests get vaccinated, a spokesperson told Insider in an emailed statement.

    Why cruise lines are abandoning their vaccine mandates

    L’Apex de Celebrity Cruises.
    Celebrity cruises

    In late May, Celebrity Cruises sister brand Royal Caribbean announced a COVID-19 vaccination mandate for all guests. However, like Celebrity, that mandate was then canceled in early June for all cruises departing from Florida and Texas.

    There is a common reason for this quiet reversal of vaccination mandates: the ban on vaccine passports in states like Florida and Texas, which has created an impasse between the cruise lines and the states.

    For Florida in particular, in April, Sunshine State Governor Ron DeSantis issued an executive order banning vaccine passports and local businesses – including cruise lines -om requiring them. And a month later, the state passed a law banning vaccine passports before July 1.

    This means that any business that violates this proof of vaccination ban could be fined $ 5,000 for each customer.

    Governor DeSantis has repeatedly stated that allowing private companies to require ‘vaccine passports’ for Floridians involved in daily life – attending sporting events, dining out, or even taking cruises – would create two unequal classes. of citizens based on immunization status, ”Pushaw wrote in the email statement. “It would be unethical and harmful to society. ”


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