Mad Money’s Jim Cramer switches from Bitcoin to Ethereum – says ‘it’s more of a currency’ – Bitcoin News – .

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer switches from Bitcoin to Ethereum – says ‘it’s more of a currency’ – Bitcoin News – .

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            <strong>L'animateur de l'émission "Mad Money", Jim Cramer, a acheté de l'éther après avoir vidé la quasi-totalité de son bitcoin.  "J'aime l'éthereum parce que les gens l'utilisent beaucoup plus pour pouvoir acheter des choses", a-t-il déclaré, soulignant que "c'est plus une monnaie".</strong>

Jim Cramer prefers Ethereum to Bitcoin

Jim Cramer was asked about his updated take on bitcoin Monday on CNBC after he sold nearly all of his BTC last week. A former hedge fund manager, Cramer co-founded, a financial news and literacy website.

The host of Mad Money said last week that he would buy bitcoin again if its price fell to the $ 10,000 level. However, the cryptocurrency didn’t fall much more than the $ 30,000 level Cramer appeared to have sold before rebounding. At the time of writing, the price of bitcoin stands at $ 34,370 based on data from Markets.

“I went back to Ethereum” because bitcoin was standing at the $ 30,000 level, Cramer said, adding:

I like Ethereum because people use it a lot more so they can buy things. I will continue to buy Ethereum. I just think there is a little more play because when you go to buy an NFT, something like that, everybody wants Ethereum. It’s more of a currency.

Last week, Cramer revealed that he sold almost all of his bitcoin because he feared China would crack down on cryptocurrency and bitcoin mining as well as BTC’s role in ransomware attacks. .

The Mad Money host was previously bullish about bitcoin, advising people to put 5% of their wallets in cryptocurrency because he said gold had let it down. He originally entered BTC for fear of massive inflation.

What do you think of Jim Cramer’s switch from BTC to ETH? Let us know in the comments section below.

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