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(Bloomberg) – Group of Seven leaders dive into the busiest day of their three-day summit as they discuss a way out of the Covid pandemic, along with economic plans to counter the economic weight and China’s growing strategy.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson welcomes other Group of Seven leaders along the English coast, with all eyes on Joe Biden during his first summit as US president.

Key developments:

  • Johnson urges avoid mistakes of previous recoveries
  • French President to meet with Biden today for bilateral talks
  • The family photo took place along a sandy beach

Macron tells Johnson it’s time for a reset (9:25 a.m.)

French President Emmanuel Macron, in a meeting with Johnson on Saturday morning, told his counterpart he was ready for a reset in Franco-British relations after months of tension, as long as the UK keeps its word and respects the Brexit deal. a point that Macron strongly emphasized.

The French leader stressed that the two countries have a common vision of international and transatlantic relations, including on arms control, according to an official of the G-7 delegation. – Ania Nussbaum

UK tells EU not to be ‘bloody’ (9:10 am)

As Johnson met with Macron, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab stepped up his attacks on the European Union in the Northern Ireland trade dispute.

The choice of whether the argument escalates is up to Europeans, he told BBC radio.

“They can be more pragmatic about implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol in a win-win way or they can be bloody and purist about it, in which case I’m afraid we won’t allow integrity of the UK to be threatened, ”he said. – Kitty Donaldson

G-7 set to counter China’s economic influence (7:20 a.m.)

G-7 leaders are planning a coordinated infrastructure initiative for developing countries to counter China’s efforts to gain influence in the world, as well as a broader rebuke against the country over the practices of forced labor, according to two US officials.

The proposals are a response to China’s successful offers to leverage other countries by funding projects beyond its borders. – Justin Lavabo

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Macron will meet with Biden for a bilateral today (earlier)

Macron will meet Biden on Saturday afternoon for their first in-person, one-on-one meeting after a warm hug on Friday, when the French president put his arm around his American counterpart as they walked.

The French leader wanted to welcome Biden’s return to the Paris climate agreement and his global re-engagement with Europe. But he also launched veiled blows at the US president by pointing out the shortcomings of some of Washington’s recent proposals, such as the lifting of intellectual property patents on Covid vaccines. – Ania Nussbaum

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