London sees sharp drop in Covid vaccinations despite call – .

London sees sharp drop in Covid vaccinations despite call – .

The number of vaccines given in the capital dropped alarmingly last week despite efforts to encourage young Londoners to get vaccinated.

A total of 374,941 first and second doses of Covid-19 vaccine have been administered in the past seven days, nearly 52,000 or 12% less than the 426,648 administered the previous week, may reveal the norm.

By the end of Saturday night, 75% of 6.9 million adult Londoners had received one dose and 50% both doses, according to data from NHS England.
But if the current rate of 53,500 jabs per day is maintained, London will fall short of Boris Johnson’s targets to end the July 19 lockdown of more than 1.6 million doses.
Professor Kevin Fenton, London’s chief public health officer, said on Monday: ‘With only three weeks until July 19, it is essential that every day counts to increase our protection against Covid-19. “
In total, an additional 2,918,630 shots are needed to bring London into line with the Prime Minister’s national goal of giving everyone over 18 a first shot and doubling two-thirds of adults.
Despite the mass vaccination events at Arsenal – which run until 8 p.m. on Monday – in Twickenham, Charlton and Crystal Palace, a total of 64,069 vaccines were given on Saturday, 11,068 fewer than the previous Saturday.
Last Friday there were also fewer jabs than the previous Friday, 60,056, up from 67,154 a week earlier.
There were signs that the turnout this weekend was not as big as hoped – on Saturday afternoon, Islington council announced second jabs would also be offered at Arsenal, despite initial plans to move on. focus on those under 40 needing a first jab.
Around 10,000 doses were available during the four-day event at Emirates Stadium, but only 2,093 jabs were taken on opening day last Friday.
The Science Museum was offering a second jab on Sunday for people who had had their first jab just three weeks earlier, despite NHS advice for an eight-week gap between doses.
However, mass vaccination events, including those held at the Olympic Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last weekend, appear to have boosted participation in the late boroughs.
Residents of Tower Hamlets, who were encouraged to get stung at the Olympic Stadium, received more hits than any other London borough last week, a total of 18,074 first and second doses.
Residents of Wandsworth received 17,678 doses, 17,406 from Lambeth, 14,892 from Haringey, 13,990 from Hackney and 13,466 from Islington.
In terms of the proportion of residents vaccinated, Richmond continues to lead the London scale with 86% of residents having received a first vaccine, while Harrow is best on second doses (60%).
Mr Khan insisted that London was ahead of other cities in the world, pointing out that 8.5 million doses had been administered in 200 days.
He called for entertainment venues in the capital to be allowed to fully reopen on July 19. “Theaters have worked so hard to protect themselves from covid,” he said. “I think they should reopen completely on July 19, as well as concert halls, pubs and bars. “
A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: ‘It is an incredible achievement that more than 8.5 million doses of vital Covid-19 vaccines have been given to Londoners, but the coming weeks remain crucial.
“By working with the NHS, local councils and communities, we continue to find new and innovative ways to get the message out to Londoners in areas where participation is lowest -om door knocking to buses and pops- ups in religious places and recreation centers. .
“We see the big difference the vaccine is making in our fight against the virus, and Sadiq strongly urges all adult Londoners to get theirs as soon as possible.
“You don’t need to be registered with a GP to get the vaccine and Sadiq is calling all Londoners who have not yet had the vaccine, or who need their second dose, to reserve the their now or attend one of the many marches. in vaccination clinics in London.
Islington council said more than 6,000 hits have been given to Arsenal so far – leaving nearly 4,000 available until 8 p.m. Monday. A spokesperson said the eligibility criteria for the Emirates event were broadened after health chiefs saw how popular the event was.


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