launchers caught using foreign substances risk 10-day suspension – –

launchers caught using foreign substances risk 10-day suspension – –

In an effort to reduce the widespread use of grip-enhancing substances by pitchers, Major League Baseball is expected to announce on Tuesday that players caught using a foreign substance will face a 10-day suspension, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan.

The application of the new policy in the majors is expected to come into full effect on June 21, Passan added.

The use of substances, ranging from the in-house combination of sunscreen and resin to Spider Tack, a kind of industrial glue that some pitchers have used to generate more spin on the ball, is believed to have increased in recent seasons. to increase spin rates on fastballs and make throws harder to hit.

Under the new policy, a referee catching a player using any of these substances will be subject to penalties.

Last week, a non-response from New York Yankees pitcher Gerrit Cole when asked if he had used sticky stuff reinvigorated the discourse on substance use by pitchers, prompting a broad debate on the best way for baseball to move forward.

“Just don’t tell the guys apart,” Toronto Blue Jays manager Charlie Montoyo said recently. “A rule for everyone, it’s all good. We have to follow the rules and (once) it’s the rule for everyone, everything is fine. As long as you can’t make out the guys, that’s fine with me.

In the minor leagues, at least four pitchers have already been suspended this season after being caught using banned substances to cure baseballs.

The last time a big league player was suspended for a foreign substance was over six years ago, and no pitcher has been suspended or fined for using illegal substances until now this season.


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