Kim Kardashian admits turning 40 made her realize she wanted a divorce from Kanye West – –

Kim Kardashian admits turning 40 made her realize she wanted a divorce from Kanye West – –

Kim Kardashian opened on the end of her marriage with Kanye West , telling her mother that she was “alone” and that she “lacked the little things” in a relationship.
In the season finale of keeping up with the Kardashians , worried mom Kris Jenner took her daughter aside for a conversation, after worrying about how she was doing.

Fearing that Kim would hide her emotions from the family, Kris was shocked when she found out that not only was she okay, but that she was going to seek therapy and look to the future.

In a frank conversation, Kim tells him that turning 40 turned out to be a turning point, with her relationship with Kanye growing more distant.

Kim has opened up about his decision to leave Kanye as he continues to move

She said, “I never thought I was alone, and I always thought” It’s totally fine, I might just have my kids, my husband is moving from state to state , and I’m just doing this ride with him “, and I was fine with that.

“Then after turning 40 this year, I realized no, I don’t want a husband who lives in a completely different state.

“For me, I was like ‘Oh my God, this is when we get along best’, but it’s sad for me, and that’s not what I want. “

“I want someone with whom we have the same shows in common,” she continued. “I want someone who wants to work with me. Like every day, Khloe, Tristan and I were training at 6am at three in the morning and I was in third place for a good eight months in quarantine, and I was so jealous of that.

Kim and Kanye share four children together, of whom they will be co-parents

“I was like ‘wow’. It’s like, the little things are what I don’t have. I have all the great things. I have the extravagance, anything you can imagine and no one will ever do like that, I know that, and I’m grateful for those experiences, but I think I’m ready for the little experiences that I think, will mean a parcel. “

An emotional Kris is seen bursting into tears, then admits to Kim, “I just want you to be happy and cheerful. And I think I haven’t seen this for a very long time.

“I’m numb. Like, I’m sick of it, but I know I’ll be happy, ”Kim assures her.

“I didn’t come this far just to get here and not be happy. “

Kanye spent time at their Wyoming ranch while Kim stays in LA

Kim and Kanye’s divorce plans were confirmed in February this year , with documents leaked stating “irreconcilable differences” between the couple.

Kanye is now linked to model Irina Shayk, having been seen together in Provence, France on vacation.

The series finale keeping up with the Kardashians will be available to stream Friday, June 11 on Hayu.


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