Kim Jong-un Health: North Korea ‘Prepares for Bully Death’ – ‘Not Good’ Signs | World

Kim Jong-un Health: North Korea ‘Prepares for Bully Death’ – ‘Not Good’ Signs | World

The ruling Communist Party in North Korea has now appointed an official deputy. The rules of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WKP) show that a new post of first secretary has been created, with the power to rule the country if the leader is incapacitated.

NK News, which monitors the state of secrecy, concludes that North Korean leaders have “started to prepare for the sudden death or, more likely, the long-term incapacity of the current North Korean leader.”
The publication argues, “This decision probably indicates that Kim’s health is not good. “

Kim Jong-un has disappeared from public view several times over the past year and a half, sparking speculation about his condition.

The new WKP rules, acquired by NK News, were approved at the party’s eighth congress in January.

They state that the first secretary is the deputy general secretary, the post of Kim Jong Un.
This is the first time that a potential successor to the North Korean leader has been presented so explicitly.

Article 28 of the new rules strengthens the Politburo Standing Committee, North Korea’s supreme executive body.

Any member of the politburo can now chair the committee if authorized to do so by the secretary general.

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The state was created by Kim Il-sung, succeeded by Kim Jong-il and then Kim Jong-un.

Last year, from April to July, Kim Jong-un stayed away from the public for nearly three months.

This included the absence of her grandfather Kim Il-sung’s birthday celebrations on April 15, an important national holiday.

From May of this year, he also disappeared from public view for 29 days, before being pictured at a politburo meeting.

Food prices in North Korea have increased during the Covid-19 pandemic as the border with China has been firmly closed.

According to NK News, it now costs £ 32 to buy a kilogram of bananas in the country.

Speaking to senior party leaders, Kim Jong-un admitted, “The food situation of the people is now getting tense. “

Many North Koreans depended on food illegally smuggled across the Chinese border.

The Hermit State was also hit by devastating typhoons last year, which triggered widespread flooding.

North Korea was formed from the part of Korea occupied by Soviet forces at the end of World War II.

A brutal dictatorship, it has technically been at war with South Korea since 1950.


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