Kenny Omega defeats Moose with the help of young males; Keeps the title IMPACT – –

Kenny Omega defeats Moose with the help of young males; Keeps the title IMPACT – –

IMPACT Against All Odds certainly had a “big fight feel” as Moose challenged Kenny Omega in front of a live audience at Daily’s Place for the IMPACT World Championship. Don Callis has joined Tony Schiavone and Scott D’Amore to comment on the game. Official presentations were made by Justin Roberts. Senior IMPACT official Brian Hebner refereed the fight as he waved the belt and the bell rang.

Kenny is a little hesitant to start the match as he went to get some powder for Moose to cancel it. Power is a presence as Moose displays it, but it’s Kenny who shows off that championship caginess by turning a powerbomb attempt into a hurricane. Soon after, the Terminator dives above Moose to the outside. Moose shows his power during the match as Kenny shows his cruelty by shooting Moose into the ring post as the tall man’s shoulders are taped. That’s a major goal for Kenny as he stomps and elbows the target. Kenny opts for a triangular grip but Moose turns it into a bombshell. It starts a wave of offense for the big man.

Moose hits a series of athletic corner attacks before nailing Kenny with a sit-out powerbomb for a close fall. Kenny soon hits Moose with a dragon snap suplex and two V-Triggers for close falls.

Those V-Triggers continue as Kenny hits several on Moose’s shoulder. He lifts Moose for a one-winged angel, but Moose breaks free to strike a tear rope lariat. Moose is down and his shoulder is injured as Doc Sampson checks on Moose. Just as Sampson leaves, Kenny hits another V-Trigger. The moose sort of hits a Spanish fly from the top rope for a close fall.

Some nonsense falls when Brian Hebner is caught in a collision between Moose and Kenny. This allows Young Bucks to interfere with a Superkick Party and a BTE Trigger. The trio hoisted him up for an assisted V-Trigger and victory by pinfall.

After the match, the lights go out and Sami Callihan attacks The Elite. Callis tries to dissuade Sami from attacking Kenny Omega with a chair, but it doesn’t look like he was going to do it, so Don Callis fires him to end the series.

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