Keith Lee faces issues in trademark application for his name – .

Keith Lee faces issues in trademark application for his name – .

Last year, WWE Superstar Keith Lee filed for a trademark application of his name. However, the star is currently facing some issues when it comes to getting it.

According to a recent report from Heel By Nature, Lee’s attorney received a notice that there were two issues with the application, including the fact that a pending application for Lee’s trademark had already been filed by WWE. While Lee’s request included photos showing the superstar had used the name since 2008, the Trademark Office believes the photos only identify the name of a specific individual, and not something that works “like a trademark.” service to identify and distinguish ”.

It’s unclear what Lee’s next steps would be in handling things, but he could include various settings for the app to try to pass her through. Meanwhile, WWE also faced issues in its own attempt to brand the name Keith Lee, with the Trademark Office sending a letter to the company requesting a signed consent form from Keith Lee which never came to light. present.

WWE now has until September to provide a signed consent form from Lee to continue with the bid. However, in order for Lee to get his mark WWE will have to give up on theirs, so it’s unclear what the two sides will decide to do. Keith Lee has been away from WWE TV for several months now.

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