Katie Thurston sends Thomas home [VIDEO] – .

Katie Thurston sends Thomas home [VIDEO] – .

It is the spiritual sequel to Hannah Brown that moves the podium. In Monday’s episode of La bachelorette, Principal lady Katie Thurston finally looked past the cheekbones and saw Thomas for what he really was as a candidate: a brutally honest guy who admitted to everyone he thought he could spawn a path to becoming our next baccalaureate, even if at best it is a paradis support player that lasts a few weeks. During the episode’s rose ceremony, Thurston brought Thomas to the catwalk under the guise of giving him the final rose, only to humiliate him as millions of viewers took a drink at what’s going on. happened next. “You told me things I wanted to hear. What I learned about you tonight is that you are selfish, mean and a liar, ”she explained. ” Your Single the audition ends tonight, so get out. In fact, the timing is so great that we think a GIF is needed. We haven’t felt this since Fleetwood Mac started bickering again in 2018; or the time that other Thomas had an argument on the island of Sodor.

“Thomas betrayed my trust. He manipulated my emotions, ”Thurston said in a later interview with Talking Head. “You can’t use me as a stepping stone for whatever your goal is. Not here, not today, not tonight, never. To take Thomas’ place, however, is to return Bachelorette concurrent Sulley from Monsters Inc. Blake Moynes, whose second love chance in the franchise has been teased since the start of the season.


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