Kate Garraway receives overwhelming update on Derek Draper’s future after Covid battle – .

Kate Garraway receives overwhelming update on Derek Draper’s future after Covid battle – .

Kate Garraway has received a stern warning from doctors about her husband’s future, but now knows the next two years will be crucial for any recovery he could make.
In March 2020, former political aide Derek Draper, from Chorley, was hospitalized after experiencing severe symptoms with Covid-19.

He quickly deteriorated and soon had to be placed in an induced coma – with the family unable to visit him due to ongoing hospital restrictions.

Derek was cleared home earlier this year, for the first time in over a year, but needs 24 hour care. When Kate recently took the family to Cornwall, Derek stayed home. , cared for by other family members.

However, in her book The Power of Hope, Kate recalled a conversation with doctors that left her slumped in her chair but indicated exactly when she could find out whether Derek would make a significant recovery or not.

Kate said: “’I’ve waited so long. “How long before you know more?” Not how long will it take him to recover, because you don’t know if he can even recover, but how long before you can find out More? “

“After another long pause, he (the doctor) looked me straight in the eye, then away. “Well, Kate” – the first time he used my name – “I think it’s fair to say that if he’s still like this after two years, we’ll know there is very little. chances that he will recover significantly. ”

Recalling how she felt upon hearing the prediction, Kate adds, “’How could I go on like this for another two years? Worse yet, how could Derek have been trapped like this for two years?

“The timescale got me out of breath and I’m sure I must have slumped in the chair a bit. “

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