Justin Bieber claimed Diplo had the wrong number – .

Justin Bieber claimed Diplo had the wrong number – .

” Where are you now? “- The” wrong number “from Diplo @ Justin.

When you think of Justin Bieber and Diplo, there’s a chance you think of their iconic 2015 collaboration with Skrillex, “Where Are Ü Now”.

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I regret to inform you that it was Bieber’s hair in 2016,

“Yo biebs, it’s Wes! Did the dope hook up with you last night! Diplo texted the superstar in 2017.


Yes, Diplo’s full name is Thomas Wesley Pentz. After much investigative journalism ™, I was able to conclude that Bieber was on his European leg. Goal tour around this time – while Diplo was playing at Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas. That being said, celebrities love to walk around for random nights in places and Biebs is an EDC fan – so who knows where that afterparty was. Well, Diplo does.

“Hey, it’s not ‘Biebs’,” the number answers ominously. “I think someone gave you the wrong number. Sorry.


Diplo clearly should have known that something was fishy here, because “Sorry” is an iconic Justin Bieber song.

Hey ho, wrong number – it happens! Biebs probably has a billion phones, right? Good…

… Diplo then showed the second part of their conversation and, yes – it looks like Bieber just pretended Diplo had the wrong number.

A “Justin” responded from the same number asking for voice information, meaning the jitter was really in place.


Honestly, a coup considering JB just wouldn’t have responded to the original post and that probably would have been nice.

For my part, I have so many questions! Why is Justin recorded as “singer of the afterparty” when they have worked together before? Didn’t Diplo have Justin’s number beforehand? I guess that makes sense, most of my coworkers don’t have my number and I’m not a celebrity. But does that mean Diplo and Biebs are about to release something new ???

I think I have to go lie down.

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