Justice Department ends criminal investigation and trial over John Bolton book – –

Justice Department ends criminal investigation and trial over John Bolton book – –

Biden’s Justice Department inherited the case and had spent the past few weeks negotiating the terms of the settlement with Mr Bolton’s legal team, according to a person briefed on the case.

During the presidential transition, Biden’s advisers examined a range of difficult issues related to Mr. Trump and the functioning of the Justice Department under the leadership of Attorney General William P. Barr that they were likely to face afterwards. their entry into office.

From a review of publicly available documents relating to Mr Bolton’s case, Biden’s transition advisers concluded that the ministry had acted in a highly political manner. The department, advisers argued, could allow the lawsuit over the profits of the books, but had the potential to expose unsavory behavior on the part of Trump White House and the Justice Department. Transition advisers felt it would be inappropriate to allow a baseless case to continue simply to embarrass the Trump administration, and officials recommended that the ministry drop it.

The White House’s efforts to interfere with Mr. Bolton’s book came to light in September when a career administration official accused Trump’s aides of intervening inappropriately to prevent Mr. Bolton on his time as Mr. Trump’s national security adviser never becomes public.

The official, a classified documents book reviewer named Ellen Knight, said assistants made false claims that Mr Bolton revealed classified documents and suggested they retaliated against her when she had refused to participate.

She also said that an aide to Mr. Trump “asked her to temporarily suspend any response” to a request by Mr. Bolton to review a chapter on the president’s relations with Ukraine in order to prevent his release during the Mr. Trump’s first impeachment trial, which centered on allegations that he abused his powers in the conduct of foreign policy with the Kiev government.


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