John Oliver Debunks Wacky COVID Vaccine Magnet Myth – –

John Oliver Debunks Wacky COVID Vaccine Magnet Myth – –

On Sunday evening, John Oliver kicked off the latest edition of Last week tonight discussing how “an internet conspiracy that people become magnetic after being vaccinated came to the Ohio Statehouse.”
Yes, on Tuesday a woman named Joanna Overholt – who identified herself as a nurse practitioner – testified before the Ohio House health committee that she somehow became “magnetic” after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine (a claim that is totally unproven and, frankly, ridiculous). She then demonstrated how “magnetic” she has become, producing a wrench and a hairpin and trying to stick them on her skin.

“So that’s what I found out. I have a wrench and a hairpin here. Explain to me why the key sticks to me… it also sticks to my neck… ”, she proposed, like the key. does not have stick to her and slipped from her neck.

Naturally, the clip went viral and Oliver did his best to explain why he thinks this poor woman chose to publicly embarrass herself.

“Um sure. I can try to explain what it is. Very fundamentally, public education is horribly underfunded and science literacy is far from what it should be in this country, creating a vacuum of confidence in legitimate research, ”said Oliver.

“During this time, people tend to try to seek out the minimum amount of information that allows them to continue to believe what they already believe – in your case, that you are aware of secret knowledge about a government conspiracy to. magnetize the people of Ohio, ”he said. continued. “All of this is probably why you felt confident enough to trust some bullshit you read so much online that you’re willing to look like a complete asshole in front of all these people.” ”

Then the kicker: “Oh, and if you just meant the gist, people are clingy sometimes. We’re all wet and rude, and sometimes the keys stick to our skin. That’s it. “


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