John Legend breaks silence on his wife Chrissy Teigen bullying scandal – –

John Legend breaks silence on his wife Chrissy Teigen bullying scandal – –

Chrissy Teigen recently said she was “ashamed” of the dastardly tweets she sent Courtney Stodden in the past.
She broke a month of silence on social media to issue a creepy apology to Courtney and others who have been affected by her trolling, describing her comments as “insecure and immature.”

In a touching article, Chrissy said there was “just no excuse for her horrible past tweets,” and she says she’s not the person she was in the past when she wrote these tweets.

And now her husband John Legend has insisted she is “doing very well” amid the bullying scandal.

John says his wife Chrissy “is doing very well”

Asked by TMZ about his wife’s condition, he replied, “She is doing very well. ”

Chrissy admits being married to John and having their children – Luna, five, and Miles, three – among other things, including therapy, has helped her change as a person.

John looked in a good mood as he walked out

She wrote: “The truth is, I am no longer the person who wrote these horrible things. I grew up, I took therapy, I got married, I had children, I had more therapy, I had losses and pain, I had more therapy and I have lived more life AND GOT ​​MORE THERAPY.

“Life has made me more empathetic. I understand better what drives trolling – the instant gratification you get from going wild and clapping, throwing rocks at someone you think is invincible because they are famous.

Chrissy has remained silent on social media after the scandal erupted

“Plus I now know what it feels like to receive an incredible vitriol. Believe me, the irony of this doesn’t escape me, ”she added in the lengthy post.

Chrissy told fans that she and John regularly preach kindness to their children, but she realizes that there is “a certain hypocrisy in there”.

“John tells me almost every day how much our daughter Luna reminds him of me,” she wrote.

John and Chrissy have been married since 2013
John and Chrissy have been married since 2013

“Every day I try to make sure that she’s the best part of me, all the things that I aspire to be all the time, but sometimes fail. And we preach kindness to her and Miles whenever we have the chance. Will they end up realizing there is hypocrisy in this? It certainly is. “

Chrissy has been criticized for her past tweets, including one where she told the American reality TV star to kill herself in 2011, kill herself and also “fall asleep forever.”


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