Joel Embiid of Philadelphia 76ers frustrated with refereeing after win wants it to be ‘called back and forth’ – .

Joel Embiid of Philadelphia 76ers frustrated with refereeing after win wants it to be ‘called back and forth’ – .

ATLANTA – After the Philadelphia 76ers won 104-99 in Game 6 on Friday to tie their second-round streak with the Atlanta Hawks, Joel Embiid was so fed up with how he viewed refereeing for him versus the leading superstar. of the Hawks, he wouldn’t even say Trae Young’s name.
“I just felt like it wasn’t called both ways, mostly because of the minimal contact they have with the point guard and when it comes to us we don’t get the same ”Embiid said after returning from Philadelphia. down 12 in the first quarter to win. “So I just want it to be called both ways. If you are going to call something like nothing on their leader it should be the same and call the same [for] me when I get – if I get – touched. “

Embiid ended up taking just one free throw less than Young – going from 3 for 4 to 3 for 5 from Young – and the Sixers took 23 gifts as a team against 24 in Atlanta, but Embiid believed his run for the fourth quarter – with the Hawks, John Collins was not judged fairly by the referees.

With 4:03 to go in the fourth and Philadelphia leading 92-85, Embiid rebounded from a Seth Curry miss and scored on an out, hitting Collins with his forearm in the process.

As the pair of tall men were on the ground, Collins pushed Embiid off, and the two went chest to chest once they stood up, heading for the post, with players from both teams joining in the scrum. .

There could have been some lingering tension between the two resulting from a third quarter lane Collins threw at the Sixers cross, when Embiid was called up for a foul, even though Collins made facial contact. Embiid on the way up.

In their subsequent skirmish, Embiid was called up for an offensive foul and Philadelphia coach Doc Rivers challenged the decision. After examination by an official, the offensive foul was upheld and Embiid and Collins were penalized with a technical foul.

Embiid believed Young, who he said was pushing him from behind, should also have been punished if the referees were going to hand out techs.

“I had a tech for that and I didn’t think it was an offensive foul,” Embiid said after finishing with 22 points and 13 rebounds. “I was just trying to stay calm and have my hands up. And someone was pushing me from behind, and I don’t understand why I had a technician.

“But I guess that’s what it is. I’ve been hacked all night and I don’t think I was on the free throw line until I got to the fourth quarter and stuff. So it was questionable, but we won. It’s all that matters. “

Indeed, no Sixers starter – Embiid included – has attempted a single free throw in the first three quarters. In the final frame, however, the Sixers went 15-for-20 from the line, compared to the Hawks’ 6-for-12.

Philadelphia went 7 for 8 from the charity strip in the final 30 seconds to keep the win in hand.

Some of the referees’ whistles against Philadelphia could have helped the Sixers in a roundabout way. When Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris committed two faults apiece at the start, Rivers put Tyrese Maxey into the lineup, and the rookie delivered, jumping at the chance and finishing with 16 points and seven rebounds.

And Harris, after going 0-for-2 in the four minutes he played in the first quarter before being called out for the two fouls, made it the rest of the way, scoring 24 points on a 9-shot. -in-18 during the last three quarters.

“When Tobias made the first two fouls, and in some ways that maybe helped, because then he came back and he was really fresh,” Rivers said.

Hawks center Clint Capela, who finished with 14 points and 11 rebounds, spoke of the challenge of competing with finalist MVP at Embiid.

“We have to keep our cool,” he said. “I have to keep my cool when guarding Embiid. I know he’ll make tough shots. I know he’s great at what he does. Whenever I have to focus on the next move and for my part make his job as hard as I can. I know he will take a hard hit. It does not matter.

“Just go the other way and try to put my teammates in a good position to take shots. Just make sure we’re not giving away every possession or giving tough and contested shots over and over again. ”


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