Joe Biden sparks outrage with major snub in UK – “Don’t value the special relationship!” “| Politics

Joe Biden sparks outrage with major snub in UK – “Don’t value the special relationship!” “| Politics

The US president was slow to announce who he intends to take on the important diplomatic role in London. The person appointed to this post will play a key role in overseeing the future of UK-US relations, especially amid continuing friction between Britain and the EU.

Mr Biden has made several interventions in a Brexit dispute over Northern Ireland, demanding that the Good Friday deal be honored.
Whoever takes on this role will be responsible for expressing the United States’ perspective on the matter to the British government.

Unlike the UK, where ambassadors are civil servants, in the US these are political appointments, with Woody Johnson, the choice of Donald Trump as ambassador to the UK, stepping down in January.

Since Mr Biden’s inauguration, the post has been vacant with an interim ambassador filling the necessary functions.

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It is believed that the American president does not know to whom he wants to entrust the role of American ambassador to the Court of Santiago, one of the most prestigious positions for an American diplomat.
With Boris Johnson keen to strike a free trade deal with the United States, the Ambassador will play a leading role in helping re-energize relations between No10 and the White House.

Tory MPs were frustrated that Mr Biden took his time with the announcement.

“Trump was our best ally,” one told

“He clearly doesn’t appreciate the special relationship. “

Another said: “I would have expected more process than we have had so far.

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The White House originally planned to make the announcements ahead of the president’s first overseas trip last week.

The candidate announcement schedule has been repeatedly delayed by Mr Biden.

Sarah Elliott, President of Republicans Overseas in the UK, called the lack of the announcement “frustrating”.

“I’m not very concerned about this because we have an acting ambassador, but it just makes me wonder what the UK’s priority is for Joe Biden, he hasn’t named Woody Johnson’s successor,” she told this website.

“They have to be appointed, and then they have to be confirmed by the Senate, so there is a process.

“I remember that with Woody Johnson it was also a pretty long process, but I would have named him already.

“I would have thought his appointment would be known, but not necessarily based on it. “

At the G7 summit in Cornwall last weekend, Mr Biden pledged to name his appointment ‘soon’.


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