Jeep Now Offers Gorilla Glass Windshields For Wrangler And Gladiator – –

Jeep Now Offers Gorilla Glass Windshields For Wrangler And Gladiator – –

Gorilla Glass is a registered trademark of Corning Limited, an American manufacturer of high-tech glass. The technology of chemically strengthened glass took hold with the launch of Apple’s original iPhone. The first major application of Gorilla Glass, it allowed users to pocket the smartphone without worrying about the screen scratching keys or other hard objects.

MoparInsider claim the new windshields will feature a thin inner layer of Gorilla Glass, with a 52% thicker outer layer for added strength. The goal was to create a windshield better able to withstand accidental damage from small shards of rock as well as impacts from hail or larger stones, according to the Mopar parts page. Gorilla Glass parts have actually been available as a post-purchase upgrade for some time, introduced quietly by Mopar in early 2018, according to CNET reports.

It’s likely that Jeep was testing the parts through Mopar as an aftermarket upgrade before rolling them out as a mainstream option for new vehicles. Notably, glass was used on the Jeep Wrangler Orange Peelz concept seen earlier this year.

New windshields purchased for existing vehicles will be covered by a two-year warranty from the date of installation. The warranty covers “damage associated with road debris such as pebbles or other small objects that may cause initial damage greater than a quarter of US (1 inch / 25 mm) and less than 3 inches / 7.6 cm ”. In particular, “small defects, as well as subsequent cracks which may be caused by not repairing them”, are not covered. Minor chips that do occur should be dealt with promptly by the owner to prevent further damage.

No glass is immune to attack, of course, as any iPhone owner with a cracked screen will attest. However, chemically reinforced glass should hold up better than original parts in the field. If the option proves popular, it could become a unique selling point that Jeep relies on in the future.

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