Jamie Spears says he wasn’t the one who made Britney’s life miserable – .

Jamie Spears says he wasn’t the one who made Britney’s life miserable – .

Jamie filed legal documents claiming he had NO involvement in Britneythe personal guardianship of – that is, making personal decisions on behalf of Britney – for almost 2 years.

Moreover, he says he has not even spoken to his daughter for a long time because “he was cut off from communication with her”.

Jamie blames the restrictive rules on the current personal curator, Jodi Montgomery. He says when Britney’s attorney filed documents to name Montgomery, he claimed that at the time Britney did not have the mental capacity to make decisions about her medical treatment and so it was left to the curator of himself – now Jodi Montgomery. Jamie says bluntly that the court never ruled that she was incapable of consenting to medical treatment and that the court never made such an order.

The Result – Jamie claims it was Britney’s own lawyer, Sam Ingham, who sought to take away his client’s right to make medical decisions on her behalf and to leave those decisions solely to Montgomery.

According to legal documents, “Ms. Montgomery was fully responsible for the daily personal care and medical treatment of Ms. Spears, and Ms. Montgomery made all decisions related to these matters. “

Additionally, Jamie says that if Britney was prevented from getting married or having a baby, it was Jodi Montgomery, not him. In fact, Jamie says he consented to Britney’s marriage when she got engaged to Jason Trawick in 2011… but, as you know, they broke up in 2013 before getting married.

In another document, Jamie’s attorney states: “Mr. Spears believes it is important to the integrity of the guardianship process and in Ms. Spears’ best interests that the Court order an inquiry into the matters and the complaints raised by [Britney] at the status hearing on June 23, 2021.

Jamie’s lawyer continues … “Either the allegations will prove to be true, in which case corrective action will have to be taken, or they will prove to be false, in which case the guardianship can continue its course.” “

The lawyer said: “It is not acceptable for the Conservatives or the court to do nothing in response to Ms Spears’ testimony. “


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