James Corden to Revise “Spill Your Guts” Segment – Deadline – .

James Corden to Revise “Spill Your Guts” Segment – Deadline – .

‘Spill Your Guts’ may have breathed its last.

James Corden recently sued The Howard Stern Show to talk about the latest changes to its controversial segment. The game segment, which returns in its late-night schedule, asks celebrities to either reveal real secrets or eat revolting foods, in some cases sacrosanct Asian specialties.

In early June, a viral TikTok video highlighted several clips from the Late show piece with the Anglo-American host using balut (dish of boiled fertilized eggs), piddan (thousand-year-old egg) and xuě dòufǔ (pig’s blood) for his food punishments.

“Wow, everything looks so terrible,” guest Jimmy Kimmel commented in the video. “It’s really disgusting. It’s horrible, ”Corden replied.

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ok but this is real asian food and you go on live tv telling people how disgusting it is. it makes you cringe
son original – Kim Saira

Kim Saira, the author of the TikTok video, started a petition on Change.org calling for the segment to be taken off the air due to its callous portrayal of Asian food, which Corden officially apologizes for the affront and for. the show. to donate money to Asian American organizations. The online petition has more than 45,000 signatures.

“As a result of the constant Asian hate crimes that continue to occur, this segment is not only incredibly offensive and culturally insensitive, but it also encourages anti-Asian racism. So many Asian Americans are constantly harassed and mocked for their native foods, and this segment amplifies and encourages it, ”the petition reads.

In Stern’s interview, an apologizing Corden said he would keep the segment but adjust the dishes used.

“We’ve heard this story, and the next time we do, we’re not involving or using any of these foods at all,” Corden said. “Like you said at the start, our show is about joy, light and love, we don’t want to do a show to disturb anyone. “

Corden said the foods are more likely to make the diet fat and destroy, referring to an old segment with Anna Wintour, Conde Nast’s figurehead.

“Much like when we played it with Anna Wintour, we gave her a pizza covered in cheeseburgers,” Corden explained.


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