“It’s like a miracle after a miracle after a miracle” – –

“It’s like a miracle after a miracle after a miracle” – –

Simon Cowell has a hard-earned reputation as a judge of the hardest-to-please talent shows on television, so naturally it takes a special artist to earn his praise.

Enter Nightbirde, a singer who fights cancer, who took to the stage of “America’s Got Talent” to perform her original song “It’s Okay”.

As she told the judges, the song was inspired by her experiences over the past year, revealing that she currently has “cancer in my lungs, in my spine and in my liver.”

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However, she added, “It is important that everyone knows that I am more than the bad things that have happened to me. “

After his performance, Cowell offered his evaluation. “Your voice is beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” he told her. “There was something about that song and the way you almost casually told us what you were going through. “

Cowell then told him that he wouldn’t give him a yes; However, he would press the Golden Buzzer for her, becoming the second artist this season to receive the honor, automatically sending her to the next round.

In a recent interview with NBC4i.com, Nightbirde provided an update on his health.

“Physically, I’m doing very well. Again, to me, it’s like miracle after miracle after miracle. I just finished a few treatments a week ago and the doctors expect he will take care of whatever is left.

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“We won’t be able to test, it’s too early to really check. It will be a few more months before we can go back and see what happens, ”she continued. “But I expect good news, I really am. “

Nightbirde, who has had cancer three times, explained what the positive feedback from her performance meant to her.

“I’m completely blown away, upset, speechless,” she said, reflecting on her hearing. “It’s going to take me a long time to figure out what happened. [It’s] so incredible.


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