Israel strikes Gaza again after activists set Israel on fire – .

Israel strikes Gaza again after activists set Israel on fire – .

“What was is not what will be,” a Defense Ministry official said this week.

Hamas is reluctant to let go unchallenged the recent behavior of the Israeli police and far-right activists in Jerusalem, which many Palestinians see as offensive and provocative.

Despite mediation by Egyptian officials and the United Nations, Hamas and Israel have yet to reach a lasting ceasefire agreement.

The reconstruction in Gaza of thousands of homes, clinics, schools and major infrastructure systems has barely begun, and a damage assessment has yet to be completed by Egypt and the United Nations. Israel continues to block the import and export of most items, including millions of dollars in aid from Qatar, on which Gaza’s economy depends.

For years, an Israeli and Egyptian blockade limited what enters and leaves Gaza, while Israel controls Gaza’s airspace, access to water, cellular data and the birth registry, and bans access of Palestinians to agricultural land at the edge of the strip.

Talks on a new reconstruction agreement have stalled due to disagreements over the role the Palestinian Authority should play in managing the efforts. Hamas ousted authority from Gaza in 2007, and it now only administers parts of the occupied West Bank.

Hamas is also seeking to include in the deal the release of hundreds of Palestinians held in Israeli jails. Israel wants Hamas to hand over two missing Israeli citizens and the remains of two Israeli soldiers.


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