Interview with Rebecca Black was here – –

Interview with Rebecca Black was here – –

Can you speak to me by name Rebecca Black was there?

The title was one of the last ideas, part of a long list of title ideas, and it started off as a joke. The more I thought about it, reflected on what the songs meant for that time, and considered how events had unfolded prior to this project – this project feels so much like not only a representation of who I am, but a reintroduction. On the sound side, it’s ultimately a direction that really represents me and not necessarily anyone else.

BuzzFeed : It must be a very empowering feeling, especially considering your time in the music industry.

Rebecca: It’s hard when you’re a kid, you always feel like the dumbest, ignorant person in the room. I really struggled with this for a long time, way beyond what I should have. I mean, no one should ever feel that way. But now I really feel like a person and someone who’s been through X things and has something to say and say – and I find it important for me to do that.

It may also be specific to my experience, but there have been so many instances where adults have claimed that they know more than I, as adults. I still understand that at 23 – which, I understand, I’m young and I don’t know anything. But I think I allowed it to really bubble up inside of me in an unhealthy way, to the point where I never trusted myself in anything.


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