Indians 4, Cubs 0 – .

Cubs 7, Nationals 3 – fr

It was bad. Another bad defeat. Apathetic and others. Frustrations are bubbling up, possibly helping Javy Báez to be put on the bench. But it was a kind of energy in it – a combination of lifeless meh and quivering aggravation. I know it’s an oxymoron, but that was the game.

Let me try to deliver a decent, bigger picture: Adbert Alzolay looked really good tonight on his return from IL, with an animated fastball and his big slider that got some ugly swings. We already know he needs to improve against lefties, and we already know he has those really bad duds on his spots sometimes that hitters are just waiting to pounce on (when you can’t otherwise hit a guy , sometimes you bet on the strong swing at an error at a particular spot). It got it tonight, and I don’t apologize for those two bad throws – it hurt the Cubs tonight – but I’m trying to take a holistic view of Alzolay this year. Yes, you want his performance to help the Cubs win in 2021, but this year is also about developing a young pitcher to the major league level. And I continue to love what I see, tonight included. It’s good to find him in the rotation.

Oh, too, Brad Wieck was ridiculous – two lengths of a clean inning. So that’s also good.

Offensively, the Cubs had a bit of base traffic most innings, but didn’t do anything with it. Cleveland pitchers are really good, yeah yeah, the Cubs offense is messed up, yeah yeah, but it’s been a really tough time. All the month. June was so mean to the bats …

Even beer snakes couldn’t survive this one:


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