‘In the Heights’ and ‘Peter Rabbit 2’ lower in the opening box office – Deadline – –

‘In the Heights’ and ‘Peter Rabbit 2’ lower in the opening box office – Deadline – –

UPDATE SATURDAY: Refresh for updates While it looked like the summer box office was dusting off the pandemic over the past two weeks, the two newcomers Warner Bros. highly anticipated Jon M. Chu directed the musical Lin-Manuel Miranda In the heights and Sony Peter Rabbit 2 : La fugue are currently recording less than spectacular results with respectively a n ° 1 rank of $ 5 million Friday, $ 13 million 3 days and n ° 4 place of $ 4M Friday, and $ 10.2 million 30 days.
Paramount A Quiet Place, Part II, as we told you, broke through $ 100m yesterday after a third Friday of $ 3.75m, -40%, on its way to a $ 12.5 million 3-day weekend (-35%) in second at 3,515 (-229). Don’t be surprised if the sequel takes over the top spot this weekend, beating In the heights, with a cumulative total of $ 109.8 million.

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If there’s anything positive to say about the market, the top four films are each grossing over $ 10 million at the weekend box office, which is expected to total around $ 60 million, or 11% of less than last weekend. New Line’s second weekend Conjuring: The devil made me do it made $ 3.6 million yesterday (-63%), on the way to a $ 11.3 million (-53%) weekend in third place at 3,237 (+135) for a cumulative total of $ 45 million by tomorrow.

Now, why all this? Several reasons, but mainly, distribution analysts are struggling to read the follow-up and projections in a market where 5.88,000 theaters are 75% open and capacity restrictions (average 50%) are still in effect. Oh, let’s not forget all the simultaneous theatrical-HBO Max day and date of it all for In the heights. No one knows exactly how much the streaming service is hijacking movie ticket sales.

Interestingly enough, one of the first screenings I heard for In the heights, seemed to be the most correct, which was $ 10 million for teens in 3,456 theaters. However, other box office sources, as the week went on, made the film over $ 20 million, and that could be due to the estimated $ 20 million Warner added to their P&A towards the end. of their marketing blitz for this musical is a celebration of diversity. The studio really put their heart into bringing this film to market. Remember, they struck a $ 50 million film rights deal after a city-wide intellectual property bidding war, with the studios’ marketing departments showcasing the filmmakers and dressing their backgrounds like scenes from Tony’s award-winning Broadway show. In the heights’ the rights were extracted before Weinstein Co’s bankruptcy in May 2018. Prior to that, Universal had nearly pulled it off, but found it overpriced at $ 37 million in 2011 with Miranda in the lead role as bodega owner with a big dream, Kenny Ortega as a director and big Latinx stars in smaller roles.

Similar to the social media push to make Black Panther an event for African-American moviegoers, and Crazy Rich Asians a must-have for Asian American audiences, there is a #LatinxGoldOpen hashtag circulating for In the heights with taste makers organizing screenings according to RelishMix. Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding posting on Facebook:

Oprah Winfrey hosted a virtual block party for the film:


Sony has always seen Peter Rabbit 2 in $ 8-10 million in 3,346 theaters, but rivals believed, as they did with In the heights, that he could climb higher. Peter Rabbit The Friday 2 issue featured $ 900,000 in previews.

Now, In the heights yet Un CinemaScore, indicating that fans of the musical have turned up, and word of mouth may take a while to click. Warner Bros. The 88% positive and 67% PostTrak releases recommend a high 33% Latinx community participation. It’s things like this that might keep the In the heights train in motion. However, unfortunately working against In the heights is that it’s a little Broadway musical IP, which doesn’t have the sensation legacy behind it like Miranda’s Hamilton. Some might say that the fresh cast is a drag on business, but we’ve seen some great musicals like Universal’s. Chats getting tricked by stars like Taylor Swift, Idris Elba and Jason Derulo, and it didn’t make you want to see anymore. Also, the biggest theaters I hear a lot of In the Heights business arrives from New York this weekend. At the end of the day, In the heights no doubt has a cult.

Further information on In the heights: The musical feature film was 62% female, 60% over 25 with half of the moviegoers between 18 and 34. Apart from the Latinx demo, the film attracted 46% Caucasians, 12% Blacks and 9 % of Asians / others.

In fairness to Warner Bros., Rich and crazy Asians, which is the logical comp to In the heights, and also touted a new cast, opened on a Wednesday, and in its first three days it only made $ 16 million. In the heights the opening day is only 2% of Crazy Rich Asians $ 5M opening Wednesday. That said, this is a comparison between apples and oranges: Crazy Rich Asians had no glimpses, In the heights made around $ 1 Million + in Thursday previews, Friday is also a bigger day at the box office than Wednesday, duh. Crazy Rich Asians ultimately posted an opening weekend of $ 26.5 million over 3 days and $ 35.2 million. In the end, the film beat its projection by $ 30 million over 5 days.

The same waiting rule can be applied to Peter Rabbit 2. While the first day of the $ 5.7million debut movie was better than the sequel, its Saturday jumped 97% from Friday to $ 11.2million, and was a game-changer for its week. -end opening which ended at $ 25 million.

Disney’s third weekend Cruel in 3,307 theaters (-615) received a Friday of $ 2.1 million (-35%) en route to a screening $ 6.8 million in 5th place, -38%, for a cumulative total of $ 56.1 million.

Universal’s second weekend Untamed spirit at 3,394 (+183), theaters earned $ 830,000 on Friday (-66%), moving to sixth place by $ 2.9 million (-52%) for a ten-day period of 11.3 millions of dollars.



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