“I’m like Crocodile Dundee! “ – –

“I’m like Crocodile Dundee! “ – –

THE Briton who fought a crocodile three times in a Mexican river to save his twin sister laughed at the heroism and joked, “I’m like Crocodile Dundee!
Georgia Laurie, 28, recounted her horror of seeing the 7-foot beast grab her sister Melissa by the leg and drag her into a death roll – the violent, swift, and usually fatal twist of the animal’s prey in his jaws.


I hit a crocodile on the nose with both fists to save my twin sister… call me Crocodile Dundee

Melissa and Georgia had traveled to MexicoCredit: Rex

She said: “He was trying to take her away. I hit him in the nose with both fists and it was hard, like hitting a table, but it scared him.

The sisters were part of a group of 25 tourists who were taken last Sunday by an unlicensed guide – known locally as a German backpacker called Richie – to an area of ​​Manialtepec Lagoon known for nesting fangs.

Georgia said, “No one told us there were crocodiles there. We hadn’t drunk, there was no alcohol.

“We were just there to relax. Melissa swam on her own and got into trouble. I didn’t know what was going on but I swam towards her.

Georgia, a trained diver, then spotted a large crocodile in the water and saw her sister get hit by the animal.

She said, “I saw her getting jerked off and saw a crocodile head about two feet long. The crocodile swam, but kept coming back.


“That’s when he grabbed her by the leg and put her in a death roll. She was going around in circles and it was trying to drag her along.

“I was pounding him and that’s when he grabbed me and bit my arm. I hit him with the other hand and he let me go. It has happened three times.

“The battle of fangs seemed to go on for a long time, but the adrenaline kicked in. “

As the twins screamed, their friends managed to alert a second tourist boat, led by experienced guide Gerardo Escamilla Perez, to rescue them.

Once Melissa was transported to another boat, the extent of her injuries became clear.

Georgia said, “She had puncture wounds all over but was not bleeding. It was drifting in and out of consciousness. What worried me was that she was coughing up blood and saying, “I’m drowning, I’m drowning”. It was scary, and she screamed too.

Georgia in the shape of a crocodile on Instagram
Melissa and Georgia's family worry about siblings
Melissa and Georgia’s family worry about siblingsCredit: Rex

“I thought about how I had seen her face down in the water for a long time, so I worried about how much water she had swallowed. “

The twins, from Sandhurst, Berks, were taken to a hospital in Puerto Escondido, where Georgia was treated for bite marks and gashes on her right hand and wrist, and scratches on her legs.

Melissa was discovered to have a fractured wrist and stomach lacerations, but doctors were most concerned that she had developed sepsis, or blood poisoning, in her wounds.

Georgia said, “The doctors were worried about this and they were worried about her lungs because they thought she might have pneumonia as a result of an infection.

“I had to sign papers saying that the treatment could take place, which included an artificial coma. It was scary, because it seemed to come and go.

Last week Melissa woke up from her coma and is now expected to stay in the hospital for up to two weeks.


Georgia said, “She managed to ask what happened. A tube was removed from her throat and she is in great pain but is glad to be alive.

And yesterday, Melissa sent a voicemail, saying, “I’m so grateful that I came out alive and made Georgia fight by my side.” So I am very happy for this.

Bandaged Georgia, who is currently staying at a backpacker hostel, said the sisters wanted to continue their world tour, which began in March.

She added: “Melissa has a fractured wrist which is going to take longer to heal than her other injuries and she might as well recover here rather than be bored at home.

“We’re definitely not going to end our world tour. We want to continue. I can recover well here and so can she.

Meanwhile, the twins’ frantic parents, Sue, 62, and Sean, 63, tried to organize a trip to be with their daughter at the hospital.

7ft beast grabbed Melissa by the leg5
7ft beast grabbed Melissa by the legCredit: Shutterstock

They are now planning to fly to Mexico next week.

The girls’ medical bill so far has reached £ 11,000, but a GoFundMe page has raised more than £ 43,800 for the family.

One of the backpacker friends from Georgia, young German traveler Max Lorijn, said: “She is such a brave and fantastic girl. I am grateful that she had a good result and I hope her sister will continue to do well.

Georgia Laurie provides update on twin sister after being attacked by crocodile in Mexico


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