Ikea’s ‘bisexual sofa’ slammed after Pride Month display furniture launch – .

Ikea’s ‘bisexual sofa’ slammed after Pride Month display furniture launch – .

IKEA Canada has launched a series of new display products featuring sexuality and gender-themed “love seats” for Pride Month, but a couch does not appeal to social media users.

The sofa in question, designed to showcase bisexuality and the bisexual flag, features a cover with pink and blue hands all over its structure and the message “When you change OR to AND, no one believes you” on its cushions.

« [D]did they just turn bisexual trauma into a couch? One Twitter user wrote.

“I love the way the transgender sofa is for kids, and the bisexual sofa seems more inspired by the nightmarish art therapy of victims of sex trafficking,” another tweeted.

The ‘bisexual sofa’ was all the rage on Twitter Tuesday, with some users joking about its meaning and others creating memes featuring the piece of furniture.

“IKEA Canada has collaborated with designers active in the 2SLGBTQ + community to create ‘Love Seats’, a series of unique slipcovers inspired by the colors of different pride flags and lived experiences of a wide range of genders and sexualities. identities they represent, ”Johanna Andren, IKEA Canada marketing director, told FOX Business in a statement.

Andren continued, “We have received a tremendous response to the entire collection of custom love seats to date and appreciate the dialogue and discussion each has created as a platform to share stories from across the 2SLGBTQ community. +. “

The bisexual-themed sofa, Andren said, is inspired by the story of a bisexual man named Brian “and a poem he wrote at the age of 15” that he performed during of a Canadian arts festival.

“Very young Brian knew he was not straight. But at first, he wasn’t sure exactly what the right label was for how he was feeling. When he became bisexual early in high school, he was faced, like so many gay youth, with homophobia and bullying, ”Brian’s story read on the IKEA website.

Other pride-themed loveseats, which are not for sale but will be on display in IKEA stores across Canada, include a pansexual slipcover, transgender slipcover, asexual slipcover, a slipcover representing general LGBTQ + “progress” and Moreover.


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