if you’re anti-Israel, don’t work for us – .

if you’re anti-Israel, don’t work for us – .

Workers who complained about the display of an Israeli flag outside Europe’s largest digital publishing house should look for new jobs, Axel Springer SE CEO Mathias Döpfner told the 16 last Thursday. 000 employees of the company.

“I think, and I am very frank with you, that a person who has a problem with a Sraelian flag hoisted for a week here, after anti-Semitic protests, should look for a new job,” he said at the meeting. ‘a videoconference with employees around the world.

Axel Springer, based in Berlin and founded in West Germany in 1946, is Europe’s largest digital publisher. He owns Bild, Die Welt, Business Insider, Politico Europe and many other news brands, as well as Israel’s largest classifieds site, Yad2.

“We support the Jewish people and the right to exist of the State of Israel” is one of Axel Springer’s five core values ​​on his website.

At Thursday’s meeting for employees, Döpfner addressed complaints about an Israeli flag hoisted outside the company’s headquarters in Berlin.

“After these weeks of terrible anti-Semitic protests, we said at our head office next to the European flag and the German flag, [and] the flag of Berlin, let’s hoist the Israeli flag for a week in solidarity, ”he said. “We do not accept this kind of aggressive anti-Semitic movements. “

Some people have said they don’t want to work for a company that does such a thing, Döpfner said.

“So I think that’s a good point as well… This person doesn’t match the company and its values,” he said. ” It is very simple. “

Döpfner said he welcomed the “critical questions” and that some of those who complained had good points, to which he responded.

“But this fundamental opposition to that leaves the specter” of acceptable responses, Döpfner said.

Axel Springer hoisted the Israeli flag outside his headquarters in May, following anti-Semitic protests during pro-Palestinian protests across Germany, including marches to synagogues, shouting of slogans against Jews, attacks on Jewish institutions and the burning of Israeli flags.

“Anyone who spreads anti-Semitic hatred will feel the full force of the law,” German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer added.


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