“I have the impression that my father would be proud” – –

“I have the impression that my father would be proud” – –

Jackson, 23, and Smith, 20, are both children of superstars (music icon Michael Jackson and actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith respectively) and the couple spoke about their commonalities in everything, mental health problems in their search for their own identity. and their attraction to men and women.

Jackson joined Smith on the red sofa and spoke about the trauma of being the child of one of the world’s biggest stars.

“I sometimes experience audio hallucinations of camera clicks and severe paranoia,” said Jackson, who said she recalled being trampled as a child by paparazzi trying to get photos of her late father. . “I went to therapy, for a lot of things, but that included. “

Jackson said not knowing who she was, her age, the pressure of being who she was led to depression.

Eventually she said she had come to “the radical acceptance that it just wasn’t meant to be.”
“It was like ‘Ok, ok, ok I’ve tried so many times [to attempt suicide] maybe it’s just not my time ‘and that sucks,’ she said. more and more joys in life and more ways to cope. “

This includes camping – something she and Smith enjoyed together – and her music.

Jackson signed a recording deal last year and made his debut with his single “Let Down”.

She said she shared some of her music with her mother, Debbie Rowe, whom Jackson only met when she was 15 and with whom she now has a “cold” friendship.

Jackson said music saved his life and when Smith, who is also a music artist, brought up the fact that as children of famous parents there was some pressure, Jackson agreed.

“I feel like it’s still there, probably somewhere in the back of my head,” Jackson said. “But the strongest thing that rivals is that I have the impression that my father would be proud. ”


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