“I feel harassed and I feel lonely” – .

“I feel harassed and I feel lonely” – .

Britney Spears called her court-ordered on Wednesday guardianship “Abusive” and called on a Los Angeles judge to consider ending the arrangement that has controlled his career, finances and personal decisions for more than a decade.
The 38-year-old pop star spoke about her father, Jamie Spears, who was appointed sole conservator in 2008 when the arrangement was implemented and now acts as co-curator of his estate. “I think this tutelage is abusive. I don’t think I can live a full life, ”Britney said in court on Wednesday. “I feel tied up, I feel bullied and I feel lonely. “

“I shouldn’t be in a guardianship if I can work and provide money and work for myself and pay other people. It does not mean anything. “

Britney claimed her father had “total control” over her life and her choices, saying this left her ashamed and “traumatized”. The singer has asked to hire her own lawyer, cut therapy sessions and end guardianship without extensive mental health assessments. She claimed the arrangement made it impossible for her to start a family with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

“I want to be able to get married and have a baby. I was told that I could not get married, ”said the singer. “I have an IUD inside of me so I won’t get pregnant but this so-called team won’t let me go to the doctor to get it out. “

“This tutelage does me more harm than good. “

Britney Spears
Britney Spears in 2016.
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LA County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny urged Britney to go to court to end the guardianship and thanked her for her courage in speaking in court. “Mrs. Spears, I just want to congratulate you again for really moving forward and coming out so that your thoughts are heard not only by myself but by everyone who has been involved in this matter,” he said. she declared. “I just want to let you know how much I appreciate this.”

Britney’s comments follow attempts by her duty counsel to remove her father from guardianship. Last summer, her lawyer told court that Britney “strongly opposes” her father’s control over his estate and wants him fired. But the judge rejected the request, instead appointing an independent financial group, Bessemer Trust, to serve as co-custodian to manage his estate alongside his father.

Jamie’s legal team argued that the guardianship had pushed Britney’s estate in debt to an appraisal of $ 60 million and said her only motivation was her “unconditional love for her daughter and a fierce desire to protect her from those who try to take advantage of her. “

After a short break, Vivian Thoreen, Jamie’s lawyer, made a brief statement on behalf of her client, who was present at the hearing. “He is sorry to see his daughter suffer and suffer so much,” Thoreen said Wednesday. “Mr. Spears loves his daughter and he misses her very much. “

Her father previously oversaw the star’s personal and medical decisions. In 2019, he voluntarily resigned due to health concerns and Jodi Montgomery, a licensed care manager, took over as Britney’s temporary personal care curator.

On Wednesday, the singer claimed she was forced to perform during her residency in Las Vegas in 2018. After canceling the tour in 2019, Britney said she objected to the launch of a new one. show in Vegas and had been accused of refusing her medication. She claimed she was then put on lithium, which left her drunk and unable to fend for herself.

“I couldn’t even have a conversation with my mom or dad about anything,” she said. “There were six different nurses in my house and they wouldn’t let me get in my car to go anywhere for a month. “

Britney’s lawyers have said she has vowed not to gamble until her father is in control of her career. Last week, Britney took questions from her fans on Instagram and said she was having fun and was not sure when she would be back on stage.

On Wednesday, she painted a much darker picture. I lied and told the whole world that I’m fine and happy – that’s a lie. been in shock. I am traumatised.


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