“I assumed they were drunk kids,” a witness said of the boat O’Leary – .

“I assumed they were drunk kids,” a witness said of the boat O’Leary – .

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While in shock as the O’Leary boat accelerated towards them, Murray Wohlmuth wanted to save his girlfriend sitting in the impact line.

But there was nothing he could do.

Struggling with memories of that tragic night on Lake Joseph, Wohlmuth was in a Parry Sound courthouse, asked to remember his thoughts just before the fatal accident.

“I remember thinking I wanted to pull Suzy’s leg away and I knew I didn’t have time for that,” he explained. ” I did not know what to do. I honestly thought the boat was going to explode and my last thought I remember was “I have to jump”.

“And then I woke up. “

The retired denturist lost consciousness and suffered a concussion after being thrown back. Suzana Brito, the mother of three in Uxbridge with whom he was dating, died in hospital from blunt trauma.

Gary Poltash, 64, who was sitting next to her, died at the scene.

Linda O’Leary, wife of Shark aquarium Celebrity and millionaire businessman Kevin O’Leary was driving her husband and another woman back to their Lake Joseph mansion at 11:30 p.m. on August 24, 2019 when she collided with the large wakeboard boat carrying 12 people watching the stars.


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She pleaded not guilty to reckless operation under the Canada Shipping Act, with defense attorney Brian Greenspan insisting that the other boat had its lights turned off so they could see the boat better. sky.

If convicted, O’Leary faces no jail time. Instead, the maximum fine is $ 10,000.

After dining at his cabin, Wohlmuth’s cousin Dr Irv Edwards invited all his guests to cruise the lake and watch the stars on his new Nautique, the court said. At one point, Edwards ceded the helm to his more experienced friend, Dr Richard Ruh.

When they pulled up near Emerald Isle, Ruh asked him to check that their boat’s lights were on, Wohlmuth said.

“I actually had to push on Suzana’s head and lean back and could see that on the port side of the boat, what I would call headlights – but they’re actually called mooring lights – they were on. There are nine LED lights and they are quite bright.


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A photo of American Gary Poltash and Uxbridge’s mother Suzana Brito on the weekend they were both tragically killed in the Lake Joseph boat crash. (GoFundMe / Screenshot)

As they drifted on a calm night, Edwards joked and warned others that his cousin was cheating at golf. Wohlmuth laughed and stood up to defend himself, then turned to sit next to Brito.

He wouldn’t reach it.

“I noticed a boat in the distance,” he said. “It looked like it was going to get ridiculously close and of course I was very upset. I assumed they were drunk children.

“And then they changed direction and it looked like they were going to go starboard instead, but still closer than they should be coming.” “

He remembered being mad at ‘those stupid kids’.

“They drove recklessly. They were getting too close to us, day and night, they were getting too close to us.


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Crown attorney Samir Adam asked if he could estimate the speed of the ship. As a water skier, Wohlmuth said, he needs a boat to go around 30 mph.

“They were going fast enough to pull me out. “

We apologize, but this video failed to load.

He thought it was going to pass their Nautical.

“And then the next thing I knew, it was probably 15 feet from the boat, and it was coming right at us and I didn’t really know how to react. “

Wohlmuth woke up lying on his back in several inches of cold water on the floor of the Nautique, being looked after by two of the women.

He didn’t remember what happened at first, he said, and when he did he tried to get up to go to Brito.

He then paused for a long moment.

“I didn’t know how hurt she was, but I knew she was hurt and she didn’t know anyone there,” he finally said. “I really wanted to get up and go see Suzy but they wouldn’t let me go upstairs. “

Brito did not regain consciousness and was removed from the resuscitation system three days later.

Wohlmuth is due to be cross-examined by Greenspan on Friday.

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