Hummels scores the difference in the group F match against his own camp – –

Hummels scores the difference in the group F match against his own camp – –

The key moment

In a game decided by one goal, Hummels missed the clearance in his own net standing out as the turn.

Although France dominated the game in terms of possession, neither side really created any clear and meaningful chances, and Hummels’ error proved to be the deciding factor.

Player of the match

Pogba, as he usually is for his country, was in great shape with the full range of his passing abilities.

Manchester United’s class of midfielder was evident from the start, with a skillfully cut pass to Hernandez whose cross, in turn, caused the opening goal.

Despite winning a few duels, Toni Kroos chased Pogba’s shadow for much of the night as the Frenchman strutted around the Allianz Arena as if it was his playground.

What does it mean

Low has to decide whether to stick or twist with his 3-4-3. Germany created enough chances to win the game, but they just weren’t taken. Werner is by no means a clinical striker, but his early presence against Portugal could add a greater offensive threat.

France, for its part, can gain confidence knowing that it has obtained a result without shifting into high gear. Although the individuals had good plays, it was far from the standard that this French team can produce.

Key statistic

France tend to get a result when they score first – they only lost once at the European Championship scoring first, at Euro 2000 in a 3-2 loss to Les Netherlands.

(Courtesy of Opta)

After that ?

Germany remain in Munich where they will face a dynamic Portugal, while France will travel to Budapest to face Hungary.

Both matches will take place on Saturday, June 19.

(Photo : Federico Gambarini/alliance photo via Getty Images)


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