How much exactly does a Tesla Model 3 cost with all costs included? – –

How much exactly does a Tesla Model 3 cost with all costs included? – –

One of our favorite new Tesla influencers on YouTube – Carter Jones – puts together helpful videos for EV owners. In this recent video, she dives into the cost of owning the Tesla Model 3. Carter writes:

“This video answers the question: How much does a Model 3 cost and what are all of Tesla’s costs? I bought the Tesla Model 3 2021 6 months ago and these are all costs to consider before buying. The costs of maintaining Tesla and charging Model 3 are two of your biggest expenses to consider. I will also compare Tesla maintenance versus regular cars. “

Demand for Tesla’s cars has reportedly exploded, so there’s no doubt a lot of people are probably wondering if they can fit a Model 3 into their budget. The Model 3 is Tesla’s cheapest offering right now, starting at $ 39,990. It is also the most popular electric car on the planet.

That said, a lot of people who buy an electric vehicle are eyeing the Model 3, but if they’re brand new to electric cars, they probably have a lot of questions.

What to expect in terms of maintenance? How much does it cost to charge? Is your home electricity bill going to explode? Are Superchargers Really Expensive? What equipment should you install in your home, how much does it cost and how much budget should you budget for labor?

Sure, electric cars will save you money compared to gasoline cars, but the cars themselves are expensive, and there are other costs that come with owning an EV.

You may remember the media coverage of the “Tesla Stretch”. It was basically the media report that people were going over budget to get into a Tesla, spending a lot more than they would on any other car, and most of those people were just buying the Model 3.

If you are planning to buy a new car and plan to spend more than usual, it is essential to calculate the numbers and make sure it is within your budget.

After you have had a chance to watch the video, please leave a comment. Do you have any tips that might help future EV owners?


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