Hospitalizations, cases tumble as pandemic subsides – .

Hospitalizations, cases tumble as pandemic subsides – .

3 things to know

  • Only 114 hospitalized; active cases remain below 1,000
  • New cases trending to April 2020 lows
  • 66.4 percent of residents aged 16 and over who received at least one vaccine injection; 62.5% fully vaccinated

Minnesota’s most recent COVID-19 data provides more evidence the pandemic is firmly under control. New cases, active cases and hospital admissions all tend to levels not seen since the first weeks of the pandemic.

The drop in the number of hospitalizations is particularly promising. Public health officials once feared the disease could overwhelm hospitals. By the end of November, the state was grappling with nearly 300 new COVID-19 hospital patients per day. Now it’s on average 16 per day, the lowest since April 2020.

COVID-19 watchers are now monitoring any recovery as the state approaches one month since the end of all remaining statewide COVID-19 capacity limits in bars, restaurants and other spaces. public gathering. So far, however, the signs are all good.

Pandemic recedes to April 2020 low

Known and active COVID-19 cases in Minnesota fell to 932 in Tuesday’s data, extending an astonishing drop in the past seven weeks. As of May 1, Minnesota had more than 15,000 active cases.

The state has averaged about 112 new reported cases per day over the past week. Newly reported and active workloads continue to hover around lows dating back to April 2020.

The decrease in the number of cases means fewer hospitalizations. The Department of Health has reported 114 people hospitalized for COVID-19 in Minnesota – down more than half since the start of this month – including 32 requiring intensive care.

A newly reported death on Tuesday pushed the Minnesota pandemic toll to 7,550. Of those who died, about 59% were living in long-term care or assisted living facilities; most had underlying health problems.

The state has recorded a total of 604,687 confirmed or probable cases in the pandemic so far, including the 80 released on Tuesday.

New COVID-19 cases daily in Minnesota

About 99% of Minnesotans known to be infected with COVID-19 during the pandemic have recovered to the point where they no longer need to self-isolate.

The number of cases had increased statewide in April after a massive peak in late November and early December. Now, however, the numbers are low and declining in every age group and region.

New cases of COVID-19 by region of Minnesota

People in their 20s are still the age group with the most confirmed cases in the state – around 112,000 since the start of the pandemic.

While young people are less likely to feel the worst effects of the disease and end up in hospital, experts fear it could unknowingly spread to older relatives and members of other vulnerable populations.

3 million vaccinated, but the pace is creeping

More than 2.9 million residents aged 16 and over now have at least one dose of the vaccine. More than 2.7 million are fully immunized. This represents about 62.5% fully vaccinated and 66.4% with at least one injection, of which 90% of people 65 years and older.

A line graph.

Add over 101,000 children ages 12 to 15 with at least one dose, and Minnesota is over 3 million with one or more injections.

Graph showing total COVID-19 vaccinations by age

More than half of the state’s total population is now fully vaccinated.

The vaccination rhythm, however, stumbles at this point. It will be in early August before the state reaches 70% of adults with at least one stroke, a goal public health leaders hoped they could reach by the end of June.

Chart showing when Minnesota is on track to vaccinate 70% of adults

Minnesota also sees large regional variations in immunization rates, with most counties outside the Twin Cities region still below 70%.

Minnesota COVID-19 Adult Vaccination Rate Map

COVID-19 au Minnesota

The data in these charts is based on cumulative totals from the Minnesota Department of Health released at 11 a.m. daily. You can find more detailed statistics on COVID-19 at the Ministry of Health website.

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