Heat Likely to Trade Tyler Herro – ProBasketballTalk – .

Heat Likely to Trade Tyler Herro – ProBasketballTalk – .

The Heat reportedly deemed Tyler Herro untouchable in trade negotiations even before his NBA career began.

It certainly sounded wise when Herro was dominant in the bubble.

But after a second year seizure that included concerns about her personal life …

Ethan Skolnick de Five Reasons Sports Network

I have now heard that there is a 75 percent chance or better that it will be traded this offseason. In fact, when I threw 75 percent, several league sources told me it was low.

The main reason given: Herro (21) does not match the timeline of Jimmy Butler (31).

This is how Miami works, always focusing on the present. With a great player like Butler, it makes sense. Last year the NBA Finals race was so rewarding. Although they had a few lucky breaks along the way, the Heat were only able to take advantage of them because they weren’t bogged down in rebuilding.

Herro clearly has talent. But he is not ready to reliably and meaningfully contribute to a winner.

Trading Herro now would likely give a disappointing return, especially after he was mentioned so prominently in James Harden business rumors (although Miami couldn’t have simply swapped Herro for Harden). Herro’s value has dropped to its lowest level since before his rookie preseason.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if the Heat – even if they think they want to trade Herro – don’t find any suitable offer and keep him for next season.

But there will be deals, and Miami seems determined to explore them.


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