GOP Senator Says Roads and Bridges “A Woman’s Problem” Because Women “Shop” – .

GOP Senator Says Roads and Bridges “A Woman’s Problem” Because Women “Shop” – .

A Republican senator suggested that infrastructure issues such as ruined bridges are “a woman’s problem”, citing his wife’s perspective, as women were more likely to use the roads while “doing their own thing.” races ”for their families.
In an interview on Sunday with Meet the press On NBC, Louisiana’s Bill Cassidy explained his wife’s belief that the health of America’s roads was more relevant to women.

His response came after he was asked how he would sell the White House bipartisan infrastructure deal to more skeptical members of his own party.

“My wife says roads and bridges are a woman’s problem if you will,” Mr. Cassidy said. “Because often it is the woman – in addition to going to work – who also takes the children to school or does the shopping. “

“And the more time she spends on this road, the less time she spends doing things of greater value,” he added.

Mr Cassidy was one of five Republican Senators who appeared alongside President Joe Biden at the White House on Thursday when Mr Biden announced the conclusion of a deal under a 1, 1 infrastructure deal. $ 2 trillion that would provide funding for the renovation and development of roads, bridges, tunnels and other physical needs, including the expansion of broadband access.

The deal, if it reaches Congress and Mr. Biden’s office, would be the president’s first bipartisan legislative victory.

His party has already passed a Covid-19 relief bill across party lines in the House and Senate, using the reconciliation process to avoid GOP obstruction.

The future of the framework remains uncertain, however, as the text of the bill has yet to be released and a dispute has already emerged over whether it will get the necessary votes from Republicans if Democrats commit to adopting simultaneously. a second bill on infrastructure expanded to address social issues, including child care through the reconciliation process.

To complicate matters, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s vow not to pass the bipartisan deal brokered by the White House if a reconciliation bill is not also passed.

“Let me be very clear about this: we will not consider a bill in the House until the Senate passes the bipartisan bill and a reconciliation bill. bill, ”she said on Thursday, adding,“ There will be no bipartisan bill unless we have a reconciliation bill. “

Mr Biden was forced to renege on a similar promise on Saturday and released a statement clarifying that he did not intend to veto the bipartisan agreement if a reconciliation bill was not also adopted.


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