get a Big Mac while charging? – .

get a Big Mac while charging? – .

A Tesla Supercharger station now enjoys direct service from a nearby McDonald’s that offers direct delivery to Tesla owners charging their electric vehicles.

When charging station operators open new stations, they try to build them near the amenities that drivers can use when their vehicles are charging.

We are mainly talking about restrooms, cafes and restaurants.

On some popular routes with multiple charging stations, some electric vehicle owners have their preferred stations based on the amenities around them.

For example, Tesla has about 6 Supercharger stations within one charge of Highway 5 between Los Angeles and the Bay Area.

If they have enough charge, Tesla drivers have a few options on where to stop.

One of those stations is a relatively new Supercharger at Firebaugh and one of the largest in the world with 56 stalls.

There are a few options for eating around the charging station, including a Little Caesars, a Subway, and a McDonald’s:

Some store and restaurant operators near new Supercharger stations have smartly taken advantage of the captive audience they have had for a short time.

Now we see a good example in this Tesla Supercharger at Firebaugh.

Some Tesla owners report that McDonald’s offers Tesla drivers to have orders delivered directly to their vehicle while they charge:

The fast food outlet put up a sign that read, “Recharge with McDonald’s while you recharge your Tesla. Food delivered straight to your charging bay.

This is a rare example of a business near a Supercharger station catering directly to Tesla owners.

Of course, Tesla also talked about providing more anemities herself.

In 2018, CEO Elon Musk said Tesla was planning to open an “old school drive-in, roller-skating and rock restaurant in one of the new Tesla Supercharger locations in Los Angeles.”

It was yet another “Is he kidding?” Kind of an idea from Elon Musk, but he apparently wasn’t kidding.

A few months later, Tesla actually applied for a building permit for “a restaurant and supercharger station” at a site in Santa Monica.

The project lay dormant for about three years until new construction applications were submitted earlier this year.

But those new plans didn’t include a restaurant, although they did include what would become one of the biggest Supercharger stations in the world.

We thought a Tesla restaurant’s involvement in the project was dead by then, but Musk actually said in April that he still hopes to have a “”50s dinner ” to the place.

Earlier this month, Tesla actually registered a trademark to use its mark in the restaurant industry.

You might one day eat a burger at a Tesla restaurant, but in the meantime it looks like you can now get a Big Mac straight from a Supercharger.

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