Georgia coach Kirby Smart – 12-team playoffs said to be college football’s ‘biggest change’ – –

Georgia coach Kirby Smart – 12-team playoffs said to be college football’s ‘biggest change’ – –

As the college football playoff management committee begins to consider a 12-team playoff, Georgia coach Kirby Smart says he believes college football is on track for its biggest change.
“Most of the changes have been relatively minor,” Smart told ESPN’s Marty & McGee on Saturday. “With the potential of what has been proposed… [it’s] probably the biggest change there has been in major college football. “

Smart was one of many coaches weighing in on the potential for a 12-team playoff, with LSU’s Ed Orgeron calling the expansion “inevitable” and saying he agreed with a change that helps them. Tigers to reach the playoffs.

“I think it’s coming,” Orgeron said. “Here’s what I learned: the older you get, the more you have to adapt. This game is changing, recruiting is changing, things are changing fast. We just have to adapt. Hey, if they grow, then so much the better. It gives us a chance to enter.

Under the 12-team format proposed by a CFP subcommittee on Thursday, the range would include the six highest-ranked conference champions and the next six highest-ranked teams, as determined by the CFP selection committee. There would be no limit on the number of participants in a conference, and no league would automatically qualify.

If the CFP executive committee accepts the 12-team model at meetings in Chicago on Thursday and Friday, then it would be presented to the 11 presidents and chancellors who make up the CFP board at a meeting in Dallas on June 22. . CFP executive director Bill Hancock said on Thursday that the process would run until at least September and that no changes to the current four-team format would be made in 2021 or 2022.

For Smart, he considers that an expanded format benefits teams that play a difficult slate.

“I think a lot of it is going to come down to the strength of the schedule,” Smart told Marty & McGee. “For a long time, we have been trying to strengthen our future schedule, because it is not the defeats that will kill you; it’s not about playing the best teams. We’ve been trying to come out and schedule Power 5 majors throughout our planning system in the hopes that it would give us the opportunity to go and play against some really good teams. And the losses won’t kill you when you start talking about the Top 12. You need to have a strong schedule and are going to play good teams. “

Another major effect of an expanded playoff would be an opening for Group-5 teams, such as Coastal Carolina, who went 11-0 in the regular season but were 12th in the final CFP standings. Chanticleers coach Jamey Chadwell told Marty & McGee it would be a game-changer for small schools in the FBS.

“You have an invitation to dance now. You actually have an opportunity, ”Chadwell said. “I think that’s what everyone is talking about, no matter what kind of season you’ve had, it was very slim that you ever had a chance. Thin to none and thin usually left the building. For now, you can see a path.

“We have official visits going on this weekend, and I can look them in the face and say that if we can handle the business, we have the opportunity to play for a national championship,” he added. “You’ve never had a chance to say this before, and you can do it now. And so that gives you hope, and as Andy Dufresne says in “Shawshank Redemption”, hope is perhaps the best thing. “

Information from ESPN’s Heather Dinich was used in this report.


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