George and Charlotte set to storm US tactical trip – “That would be obstacles” | Royal

George and Charlotte set to storm US tactical trip – “That would be obstacles” | Royal

George and Charlotte have become big titles within the Royal Family in recent years and delight fans when they appear in public occasionally. There was a wave of excitement when the couple appeared with their father, Prince William, on a Father’s Day trip to kick off a weekend half marathon as fans gushed the way whose children had gained height since their last public appearance. The images of George, 7, and Charlotte, 6, are carefully vetted by William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, who are determined to give their children a sense of normalcy and privacy as they grow older. which makes it even more interesting when the family embarks on a rare outing.

Speaking to, royal biographer and acquaintance of Prince Charles, Howard Hodgson said he believed children could soon exercise their international appeal as well.
After US President Joe Biden invited the Queen to visit him at the White House, royal watchers speculated that she would send William and Kate in her place, as the 95-year-old is now refraining from travel to the stranger when she can.

Mr Hodgson then claimed that if their two oldest children were to join the Cambridges, they would be ‘show cutters’.

He said: “The Royal Family are wonderful ambassadors of the UK around the world and nowhere more than in the US.

“Therefore, a charm offensive led by Prince Charles or Prince William could be of great help.

“The Prince of Wales is respected and admired at the highest level in the United States and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – especially if accompanied by their children – would be a must-see there. ”
Kensington Palace declined to comment when contacted by

The two oldest children of Cambridge are now seasoned travelers.

George made headlines around the world when he accompanied his parents to Sydney and New Zealand in 2014, echoing the trip Princess Diana took with newborn Prince William in 1983.

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In a statement released the following year, company CEO David Haigh said, “Royal children positively impact sales of particular clothing and toy brands that they wear or play with.

“In that sense, they have a very similar effect on brands like their mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has a real Midas touch… everything she touches turns to gold. “

George was said to be worth less at £ 2.4bn, but that’s because there’s more money in the girls’ fashion industry.

His influence in the fashion world is also astonishing; the blanket he wrapped in his first public appearance after his birth was ordered more than 10,000 times in the hours that followed.

This became known as the Prince George Effect, which only grew with the royal age.

Her first Christmas portrait saw her outfit sell out online even before the official photographs were released.

As George is the third to the throne, followed by his sister and then his younger brother, siblings will only become interested as they grow older.

The popularity of William and Kate’s shared Instagram account @dukeandduchessofcambridge with over 12 million followers shows just how healthy the family has a fan base.

Their most beloved photo of 2020 was taken by Kate herself, showing William cuddling her three children before her birthday last year – she received a staggering 2,416,000 likes.


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