Fury of the Gods unveils new costumes – .

Fury of the Gods unveils new costumes – .

Zachary Levi, Adam Brody, Meagan Good, Ross Butler, DJ Cotrona and Grace Fulton on the set of Shazam!  Fury of the gods.

Here is your new updated Marvel family. No, not * that * there.
Image: David F. Sandberg/Warner Bros.

In the age of the internet, how many times have we seen practically as much as possible of a new superhero movie? fancy suits and suits before you even get a glimpse of an official look from a poster or trailer? It happens All the time. Hell has happened today. More Shazam: the fury of the gods director David F. Sandberg has a simple solution: take your actors off the set and take pictures yourself.

Sandberg did this to reveal the updated costume designs for the Wonders as they will appear in Shazam to follow The fury of the gods, including Zachary Levi comme Shazam, alongside Adam Brody, Meagan Good, Ross Butler, DJ Cotrona and Grace Fulton as superheroic adult versions of Billy Batson’s friends and family. (Fulton now plays both his superhero self and Billy’s adopted sister Mary, replacing Michelle Borth, who played her superhero form in the first film.)

The suits themselves are interesting, although relatively minor improvements over what we saw in the first movie – the aesthetics are mostly similar, with the most significant changes being changes to the Lightning Bolt logo ( removing the illuminated part), new gauntlets and boot designs, and replacing a lighter colored fabric with a darker, textured material in the bodies of the suits, bringing the film’s aesthetic closer to that from other DC superhero movies.

Other than that, they are not really this is all new, but it’s still nice to see, especially since Sandberg mostly shared the photo just so fans could see the costumes in a well-lit area. the environment before the grainy shots from the outdoor shot leak. An experience that the director is very familiar with, as first Shazam went over the months and months costume leaks from images and other sourcesand mockery-before us never officially seen Levi’s “final” tracksuit. It is an experience that is not specific to Shazam Is; Outside of a few rare surprises, virtually every first look we get at costumes for a major superhero movie comes from glimpses and looks from set footage, long before official material ever emerged.

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It can be frustrating for the people making these things, not only because they are leaks, but because they can cause people to reject their design choices or certain cosmetic adjustments when they don’t see them. costumes also close to how they’ll end up appearing on screen – properly lit, maybe with post-production or computer graphics enhancements, or whatever you have. Sandberg’s desire to trying to go ahead and just catch your cast on the production field is a refreshing bit of a franchise that should be more than an exception in these great superhero movies, honestly.

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