Four Stars for “Exciting” Black Widow – .

Four Stars for “Exciting” Black Widow – .

If you’re going to get a Russian-designed chemical spray all over your face, it might as well be a glittering red substance that lands like fairy dust. This scintillating, enigmatic scene in Black Widow is just one of the film’s new picks about Natasha Romanoff, trained as a Russian assassin before joining the good guys and becoming the Avenger. The film seemed to take forever to arrive, with scripts and rumors in the making for years, then a pandemic 14 month delay. The amount of time turned out to be an asset. Tensions between Russia and the West escalated more than anyone might have guessed in 2010 when the Avengers franchise brought in Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2. Now her film is coming to the good time, sending Natasha back to Russia, a country that continues to be one of Hollywood’s big bad guys.
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It is perhaps not surprising that the film is entertaining and full of action. It’s unexpected, however, that Black Widow will be the least Avenger-like film in the series to date. No offense to the other Avengers, but after all this time, a formulaic adjustment is a good thing. Black Widow sets itself apart by focusing on Natasha’s past and her reunion with her fractured and funny comedic family. Not a glimpse of these other superheroes.

A quick and exciting 10-minute opening fills the background. In a 1995 Ohio suburb, 12-year-old Natasha, with dyed blue hair, lives with her blonde little sister, Yelena, and their parents, Alexei and Melina. Portrayed by Rachel Weisz and David Harbor, the parents are like the Jennings in the spy series The Americans, Russian agents hidden in plain sight.

Cate Shortland, who has made small, character-driven films (including the eloquent WWII drama Lore) may seem like an unusual choice for Black Widow, but she quickly demonstrates that she can create exhilarating action. When the family has to make a quick escape from the United States, dad shoots oncoming police cars, mum flies a getaway plane, and even Natasha is called in as a co-pilot as they leave the only real home the girls have. have ever known. The sisters, who are not actually related to each other or to false parents, are sent to the Red Room, where Russia trains girls to become spies and murderers.


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