Former state senator, now COVID-19 survivor, donates iPad to RGH – –

Former state senator, now COVID-19 survivor, donates iPad to RGH – –

“Even in a coma, I had this lingering dream that I thought I couldn’t get through,” O’Brien said. “In my dream, I heard the voices of my family members and felt this sense of relief which I think was a critical part of my ability to recover. “

Indeed, he was hearing voices, and they all came from video messaging features on a smart device from one of his doctors who looked after him, Dr. Adam Herman.

“One day I walked in with my phone and helped them connect through FaceTime and other video assist systems, and it really made all the difference,” Herman, who specializes in geriatric medicine, said. hospice and palliative medicine, and internal medicine in Rochester Regional. Health, said.

Due to the intensity of COVID-19 and strict isolation rules, frustration and stress have increased for O’Brien’s family.

“There are no words to describe when you can’t be with your loved one at the bedside when you want to or even just to explain to the staff who they are, who this person in bed is, so they know who they take care of, ”said O’Brien’s wife, Sue.

The COVID-19 survivor says technology was essential during his fight and wants to make sure others who find themselves in a similar position have the same luck.

The O’Brien’s created the Ted and Sue O’Brien Patient / Family Connection Fund. The fund provides iPads to patients who need them to communicate with family members who cannot physically be with them in the hospital.

“It was very important and essential for my survival… to be able to hear the voices of my family when I couldn’t have visitors and was in the intensive care unit,” said O’Brien. “We think this will be of great benefit to patients in the future. “

The Ted and Sue O’Brien Patient / Family Connection Fund has already raised over $ 41,500 in support of digital communications devices and telehealth resources.

The goal is to endow the fund with a minimum of $ 100,000 so that the fund can use 5% of the fund each year, in perpetuity, to support this much needed technology.

Learn more about the fund or make a donation here.


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