Former dancer Joy Vogelsang’s mother Nicolas Cage has died aged 85 – .

Former dancer Joy Vogelsang’s mother Nicolas Cage has died aged 85 – .

Joy Vogelsang, mother of actor Nicolas Cage, has passed away.

Cage’s brother Christopher Coppola broke the news on his Facebook page at the time, revealing that Vogelsang, 85, died on May 26.

“I was with her all day, but I was gone for a few hours and missed her for a few hours, so I couldn’t hold her hand to give her my love and affection before her trip to the country. land of peace, ”he wrote, alongside a photo of his mother in his youth.

Christopher went on to detail the life lessons he was given by the former professional dancer, despite having endured a “very hard life with mental health issues.”

“In all this painful emotional chaos, she still managed to teach me something super important,” he wrote. “My lioness mom told me, her middle grandson, that I was loving. I was very embarrassed by the term affection. I thought it was a bad thing, a laughing matter.

“Mama lioness looked at me deeply and told me that affection is a good thing and don’t let others embarrass me for being naturally affectionate,” he continued. “My classmates told me, laughed at me, told me affection was a stupid thing, a mockery. I was mad at my mom for putting me in this situation, a situation that made me feel weirder than I already was.

“She held me and told me softly that affection was a good thing and that one day I might or might not understand, but I should always remember that I was her loving little one,” he concludes. ‘history.

Vogelsang shared Nick, Christopher and his brother Marc with August Coppola, the brother of director Francis Ford Coppola. The couple married in 1960 and divorced in 1972.


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