Five things we learned from Trump’s comeback campaign rally – .

Five things we learned from Trump’s comeback campaign rally – .

Immigration is a winning issue

Mr. Trump focused heavily on immigration during his lengthy speech, touting his “beautiful wall” on the US-Mexico border and saying Democrats let the border submerge.

The former president focused on the issue knowing that it annoys his base and will motivate them to run for office.

There were loud boos from the crowd at the mention of Joe Biden, whom Mr. Trump lambasted for allowing “millions of people to come in” and “destroying our nation before our eyes”.

He also took credit for Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent trip to the southern border, saying she only came because she knew he was going this week.

Many believe that a stolen election claim

It is clear that many supporters of Mr. Trump believe his false claims that the 2020 presidential election was “rigged.”

At Saturday’s rally, vendors sold t-shirts that read “If I die, don’t let me vote for Democrats” and “Biden is not my president.”

A warm-up speaker, Georgian far-right MP Marjorie Taylor Green, asked the crowd, “Who is your president? ” Asset! They exploded.

A recent Monmouth University poll highlighted how widespread Republican skepticism about the 2020 election has become, with 57% of Republicans believing it was the result of fraud.


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