Five ‘risky’ groups of missing card deadline – .

Five ‘risky’ groups of missing card deadline – .

Britain’s campaign coalition in Europe has identified five categories of people they believe are particularly at risk of missing the June 30 residence permit application deadline in 12 days.
According to BiE those at risk of missing the deadline include:

1. The “dawdlers” who have not yet collected the documents they need to apply

2. Elderly and vulnerable people with little or no internet access and with French-speaking caregivers

3. Young adults who grew up in France and fully integrated into French families

4. Those who have been in France for decades, often with French spouses and possibly holders of old residence permits, some of whom no longer read the information in English or even identify as British

5. Nationals of other third countries who are close family members of the British and whose residence rights are linked to theirs. They also have the right to apply for a WA card and must do so within the same time frame.

The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement states that Britons can be allowed to apply within a ‘reasonable’ time after the deadline if there are ‘legitimate reasons for not meeting the original date’. France has not clarified what can be included in this framework.

This is because the Facebook group for Brits in France Rift published the results of its latest surveys on residence permits which targeted Brits in France and close families outside the EU whose rights are linked to theirs.

The first was intended for those who requested cards and received an acknowledgment email but have since had no response from their prefecture; the second was for those who did not apply at all. The polls were open from June 5 to Monday of that week (June 14).

Some 1,291 responded to the first survey and 132 to the second.

In the latter case, nine people feared they would not be granted residency status, four did not know how to apply, 20 did not know whether to do so, 34 intended to meet the deadline and 54 had double EU / EEA / Swiss nationality.

Regarding those who have made a request but have not yet been contacted by the prefectures, Rift reminds respondents that the prefectures have until October 1 to issue the cards. However, he advises you to check your spam folder for all prefecture emails and make sure you keep the original acknowledgment email safe as proof of your application (if you don’t. have not received any, you must apply again).

See the Rift investigation results page for two documents suggested by the UK and French governments that can, if necessary, provide written evidence to employers or other bodies if they want proof that the British in France do not need a residence permit before October 1.

Rift says it’s not essential to chase your prefecture, but if you want to do so for reassurance you should include a copy of the acknowledgment email or at a minimum, the reference number of the application and the date you applied.

He says the easiest way is probably to send an email, which you can find on the prefecture’s website, or to send a letter by registered mail (recommended letter with receipt note).

The survey results page also gives information on common issues identified, including that all adult Britons living in France last year must apply by June 30, unless they have another EU / EEA / Swiss nationality.

The latter may possibly apply for a card if they wish to hold one as material proof of their rights under the Brexit WA deal, but campaign groups are reporting that applications from French citizens are not being accepted.

Those who already have an EU citizen residence card, and no dual EU nationality, must still apply for the new WA card.

Exceptions to the rule of application before June 30 include minors as well as close family members of the British who were living in France at the end of 2020 and who will join them in France at a later date.

The first will apply as you approach the age of 18 and the second must apply within three months of arrival. These requests should be made through the local prefectures, as the dedicated website for residence cards is expected to close at the end of this month.

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