Falklands dispute spills over as Argentina declares UK ‘usurped territory’ | World

Falklands dispute spills over as Argentina declares UK ‘usurped territory’ | World

Brexit: Argentina will “push the EU to negotiate”, according to Filmus

And Mr Filmus, who, as Secretary of Malvinas Affairs, is responsible for his government’s policy in the region, warned that he would not stop until his country’s flag “hovers again. he is “. Mr. Filmus made his point clear in an editorial written for the Infobae website to coincide with his government’s decision to commemorate “Argentina’s Day of Reaffirmation of Rights to the Malvinas Islands and the Antarctic sector ”.

The occasion is ostensibly to honor a decree which Argentina claims created the military command of the Malvinas Islands and those adjacent to Cape Horn on June 10, 1829.

The date also marks the 192nd anniversary of Luis Vernet’s appointment as governor – although his role is controversial, given that the British had claimed the Falklands as well.

Mr. Filmus declared: “Although since 1810 our country has continuously exercised its rights in this region as a legitimate heir to Spain, something fundamental has been delegated to the Commander with regard to the effective exercise of sovereignty: to preserve the natural resources of the Malvinas, in particular the marine fauna, which ships from other countries – mainly from the United States, France or Great Britain – came to extract.

Alberto Fernandez, Argentine President, asserts his country’s claim to the islands (Image : GETTY)

Daniel Filmus is the Argentinian minister responsible for Falklands policy (Image : GETTY)

“As part of his duties as politico-military commander and responsible for enforcing regulations imposed by our country, Vernet captured three North American fishing boats in 1831, which brought the United States to United to send the Corvette USS Lexington to attack Puerto Soledad and destroy much of the city.

“With the same interests, the British Crown also forcibly occupied the Malvinas Islands in 1833 and expelled the Argentine population living there. From that moment on, the UK not only usurped our territory, but also illegally and illegitimately plundered the immense wealth that these southern regions possess. “

The “illegal occupation” also allowed the British to claim sovereignty over a significant part of Argentina’s Antarctic sector, Mr. Filmus said.

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Alberto Fernandez made Falklands sovereignty a state policy (Image : GETTY)

He added: “Today, 192 years after the establishment of the political and military command of the Malvinas, we reaffirm that Argentina’s sovereign rights over the islands continue to have the same legitimacy, strength and consensus. among the nations of Latin America. and the world.

“After 188 years of British usurpation, the United Kingdom maintains the same objectives as when it invaded the islands by force: to seize the wealth that belongs to the 45 million Argentines, to control the bio-oceanic passage geopolitically strategic, to have sovereignty over the Antarctic sector and to consolidate a military base which protects its colonial ambition and represents an armed threat for the whole region.

“In addition to never having consented to the British usurpation and to have protested permanently against this act which violates international law, our country has maintained during all this time the objective of recovering the effective exercise of sovereignty on the islands.

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Puma helicopter

The wreckage of an Argentine Puma helicopter shot down in 1982 (Image : GETTY)

Falklands War Memorial

The Falklands War Memorial in Port Stanley (Image : GETTY)

Alberto Fernandez, President of Argentina, designated the issue of sovereignty over the islands as a state policy, and Mr Filmus stressed – in other words, it was a top priority for his administration.

Mr. Filmus declared: “And in this sense, he tried to generate the conditions of a consensus to advance in strategies which reinforce the claim of sovereignty and which promote economic development by integrating the territory and the wealth which belong to us. in the South Atlantic.

“The current challenge is to move away both from policies that firmly renounce our just rights, and from those that reduce our action to an exalted rhetoric which, devoid of content, does not build any real path that allows us to navigate. successfully on the road to the recovery of sovereignty.

Falklands Factsheet

Falklands Factsheet (Image : Express)

It was necessary to develop strategies allowing Argentina to “take advantage of the new conditions of the world order” in order to strengthen its claim on the Falklands, as well as “to consolidate our effective presence in the South Atlantic and Antarctica. Mr. Filmus claimed.

He added: “With this last objective, we will present today, with the President of the Nation and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Science and Technology, a set of scientific research programs which will strengthen our vocation of sovereignty. .

“We will continue to work to build state policies aimed at ensuring that the UK agrees to resume the bilateral dialogue called for by the United Nations in its resolution 2065.”

Mr. Filmus suggested that such a dialogue was necessary to “end colonialism and recover the exercise of sovereignty in our Malvinas Islands”.

the falkland islands

The Falklands are a remote British overseas territory (Image : Express)

Referring to the 1982 invasion initiated by the Argentine military junta, General Leopoldo Galtieri, which in turn started the Falklands War in which nearly 1,000 soldiers were killed, Mr history, in defending the legacy of those who fought and those who gave their lives in the struggle for the Malvinas, the peaceful demand for the end of colonialism and the full exercise of sovereignty over these territories, until our flag floats again on the islands.

The Falkland Islands are a British Overseas Territory.

Talk to Express.co.uk Last year a spokeswoman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: ‘Our position on the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands is beyond doubt as the islanders have made it clear that they want to remain part of the UK .

“There can be no discussions of sovereignty unless and until the people of the Falkland Islands want them to. “


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