Experts estimate Delta variant includes more than 50% of new COVID-19 cases in Colorado – .

Experts estimate Delta variant includes more than 50% of new COVID-19 cases in Colorado – .

DENVER – Experts from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment estimate that more than 50% of new COVID-19 cases in Colorado consist of the Delta variant, which originated in India and which quickly spread spread across the United States.
“We are concerned about the Delta variants, particularly because they show evidence of increased transmissibility and potential reduction in neutralization by some of the available treatments,” said Ginger Stringer, head of the epidemiological response program. of CDPHE. “Our concern is primarily with people who are at higher risk of serious illness or death from the virus and how to protect them. “

People vaccinated are still protected against the variant, but with just over 50% of Colorado’s vaccinated, there are still pockets of the state where COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. The county with the highest transmission rate is Mesa County. It also has the lowest vaccination rate, standing just over 40%.

Denver, on the other hand, has vaccinated about 65% of its residents.

“Mesa County has one of the lowest vaccination rates, and it has a much higher transmission rate than other parts of the state,” Stringer said.

Mesa County has seen the start of a new wave of COVID-19 as cases continue to rise. The CDC has been called to the region to investigate the spread, but health experts in Denver say there is a spread in the city as well, although hospitalizations are down.

“These patients who come in with COVID are younger – they’re between 20 and 30, sometimes in their 40s,” said Dr. Reginald Washington, chief medical officer of Presbyterian St. Luke’s Medical Center. “We have three in our institution as we speak tonight, one of which is very, very ill. “

Healthcare professionals agree that the best way to avoid any variation in COVID-19 is the same as before: get yourself vaccinated.

“There is still a very large vulnerable population there,” Washington said. “And until the entire population reaches 70% for herd immunity from vaccines, we will still have a problem on our hands. “


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