Euro 2020: Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest in the field, according to doctors, as he “greets his teammates” from the hospital

Euro 2020: Christian Eriksen suffered cardiac arrest in the field, according to doctors, as he “greets his teammates” from the hospital

Christian Eriksen is in stable condition after suffering what medics called cardiac arrest during Denmark’s Euro 2020 opener on Saturday.

The Danish footballer is awake in hospital, and has “sent his greetings to his team-mates” while he remains under examination following his collapse in Copenhagen.

There were cheers as the announcer wished Christian Eriksen good luck at Wembley on Sunday. Photo: AP

Danish team doctor Morten Boesen told a press conference that tests on the player “so far looked fine”, adding that Eriksen “was gone” before resuscitation efforts began. .

Mr Boesen added: “How far away were we? I do not know. We got it back after a defib, so it’s pretty quick. “

“We have no explanation why this happened. The details of what happened, I’m not quite sure because I’m not a cardiologist, I’ll leave that to the experts. I didn’t see it live, only on the screens afterwards. “

Cardiac arrest occurs when the heart stops completely, rendering the person unconscious, according to the British Heart Foundation. A heart attack is a condition that slows the blood flow, to which the patient is probably awake.

Earlier on Sunday, the Danish FA said in a tweet that the 29-year-old had been in contact with the team on Sunday, as he continues to recover from the Copenhagen incident.

Plus by Christian Eriksen

“This morning we spoke to Christian Eriksen, who sent his greetings to his teammates, ”he said. “His condition is stable and he continues to be hospitalized for further examination,” he added.

DenmarkEriksen’s players and staff have “received crisis aid and will continue to be there for each other after yesterday’s incident,” the statement added, with some of Eriksen’s teammates having been reduced to tears as they formed a wall around him to shield him from the cameras while he was treated in the field.

“We would like to thank everyone for the sincere greetings to Christian Eriksen from the fans, players, royal families of Denmark and England, international associations, clubs etc. », Indicates the press release.

Dane Christian Eriksen is in stable condition in hospital

Medics assisted Eriksen after being quickly introduced to the pitch by England referee Anthony Taylor, while Denmark captain Simon kjaer did what has been hailed as a life-saving intervention by securing his neck, clearing his airways and starting CPR.

Kjaer then led the Danish players to form the ring around their teammate and comforted Eriksen’s partner, who looked distraught as she stepped onto the pitch.

Inter Milan midfielder Eriksen, who spent seven years in English football with Tottenham, has been inundated with messages of support since his collapse – including footballers past and present, pundits, politicians and members of the royal family.

Boris Johnson would have been “shocked” by what had happened.

“He is very grateful for the swift actions of those responsible,” the Prime Minister’s spokesperson said. “The reaction from the players and supporters in the stadium has been exemplary. She showed the best of the sport. “

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge also tweeted congratulating the referee and the medical team.

Prince William, who is also president of the FA, added: “Encouraging news about Christian Eriksen, we are all thinking of him and his family. “

Former Arsenal and Birmingham player Fabrice Muamba, whose heart stopped for more than an hour while playing for Bolton against Spurs in 2012.

Dr Jonathan Tobin, Bolton’s club doctor at the time, told Sky News: “Even though I managed to start CPR under so much pressure… I didn’t underestimate him when I said I could. hardly breathe when I started to treat Fabrice on the ground.

“After a minute or two, I was in the groove, everything was fine, but that first minute was difficult. All I could hear was my own heart thundering in my head. “

“So congratulations on starting CPR and kudos for letting their training take over,” he said of those who cared for Eriksen.

Muamba hoped to resume his career but retired from professional football five months later on medical advice – and medics fear Eriksen may struggle to replay as well.

Sanjay Sharma, professor of sports cardiology at St George’s University in London, who worked with Eriksen in Tottenham during his time in North London, said: “The good news is that he will live, the bad news is. that he was nearing the end of his career, so would he play another professional football game? I can not say it.

“In the UK he wouldn’t play. We would be very strict about it. “

He added: “Without saying it too bluntly, he passed away today, albeit for a few minutes, but he passed away and would the medical professional allow him to die again?” The answer is no. “

Players were distraught as Eriksen received medical treatment and formed a shield around him

Inter doctor Piero Volpi told The Associated Press now is not the time to make such assessments.

“At the moment, the important thing is that he is recovering,” added Dr Volpi, who also confirmed that Eriksen had never contracted COVID-19[feminine[feminine. He had also not received a vaccine.

Some Danish players have chosen not to continue playing, coach Kasper Hjulmand said after the Group B game, which Finland won 1-0 thanks to a goal from Joel Pohjanpalo in the 59th minute.

Soccer Football - Euro 2020 - Group B - Denmark v Finland - Parken Stadium, Copenhagen, Denmark - June 12, 2021 Finland's Joel Pohjanpalo celebrates scoring his first goal with teammate Pool via REUTERS / Jonathan Nackstrand
Joel Pohjanpalo scored the game-winning goal for Finland after play resumed some time later

Eriksen was the subject of further greetings at Wembley in London on Sunday afternoon, when England began their Euro 2020 campaign against Croatia.

England captain Harry Kane is a former teammate of Eriksen during his time at Tottenham.


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